She will have my vote right now!

Laura Ingraham for President.

I love Laura Ingraham, she's smart, and the love of the country is unconditional. Laura is someone I can look up to since I no longer in Ted Cruz Band Wagon for 2024.

Laura Ingraham has been considered a Nationalist. Good! With the way things are, we could use a Nationalist that will put America first. Because we are sick and tired of being the piggy bank for Countries that don't appreciate us. And yet we want to stop being the police of the world too.

Laura Ingraham is smart articulate and dynamic as a person. This talk show host sell it well and is well like for her Conservative American values.

In final if it weren't because there's that light of hope to save America in Ron DeSantis, because if DeSantis don't win the Party's nomination, I will write Laura Ingraham in comes November of 2024.

Ingraham 2024! How does that look like a write in?


I myself wish that Ron Desantis will stay put in Tallahassee Florida as our Governor. I feel that we need him more in Tallahassee than in Washington DC. Washington DC is broken and corrupt and is not worth a crap!

But I understand that Ron Desantis have been approached to run for President of the United States to save the Republic, since Ron Desantis has done such, a tremendous job fighting communism in Florida. And he has! Ron Desantis is that light of hope to save America. And I understand the urgency.

And since Ron Desantis is a Conservative, and I am a Conservative I got to have his back.

So I have donated money to his campaign. And I'm volunteering to work for Ron Desantis's presidential campaign at Miami Florida.

Desantis 2024

The Great American Comeback is on!




Blinded by Trump

Just stop and ask yourself this question? If Donald Trump won the 2020 elections. Because it was stolen and the whole country knew it. Why if he's running in 2024? Why is he running again? Have you ever thought of it?

That's because the Marxists are going to steal it again. And Trump will allow it to happen.

There's nothing in the Constitution that says that you can't decertify the 2020 elections as long as you can prove that the elections were stolen and the prove is there and it is overwhelming!

The steal could've been prevented by:

* immediately firing Anthony Fauci
* open the private sector
* signing an executive order prohibiting voting by mail
* Trump should've been at the White House at his desk
monitoring the elections results and once they stop counting
the votes in Pennsylvania signed the insurrection act 1807
and send the troops to all these states where the stealing was

You just can't say publicly that you will not concede and then allow for the transition of power to the Biden Administration to move into the White House.

It just proves one thing that the Marxist knew that they could steal the elections with and that there was no risk of getting caught stealing the 2020 elections and then have answered the rule of law, for the simple reason that Trump will allow for the steal to happen, and Trump did! Donald Trump sold the country out! And Donald Trump sold us out on 11-03-2020.

If the Communists owned the press, they owned the Polls. And the Polls clearly have Donald Trump way ahead against Nicky Haley and Asa Hutchinson, and Ron DeSantis if he were to run for President.


I will like to see that?



Let's take it from the top, the 2020 elections were stolen, and nothing has been done or will be ever get done about it. And our best shot is playing the Donald Trump Card! How you try to reelect a president that got reelected by the people in 2020?

Who's to blame? Donald Trump. That's who. Trump and the whole country knew that the Marxicrats were going to steal the elections. and they did!

Trump could've prevented all this by firing ahead of time Anthony Fauci and signing an executive order prohibiting mail in ballots. Since Trump didn't do nothing about it before the 2020 elections Trump could've very easy stated at the Oral Office and watch on his desk how all of sudden, they stop counting the votes in Pennsylvania while Trump was ahead with a 5% lead and with a 72% of the votes counted for at Pennsylvania. From that moment on Donald Trump should've signed the insurrection act 1806 and deploy military personnel in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Instead, Trump did nothing. As the dream team of lawyers was set up to gather evidence Donald Trump was already allowing the transition of Biden's administration to move into the White House. When Trump could've denied the transition to take form until an auditory of all the States that were in play especially in Pennsylvania get done. Because without Pennsylvania Biden cannot win the frauded presidency.

Donnald Trump did nothing! And this is where we are right now!

And Yet Donald Trump wants to get reelected in 2024.

Trump sold us out!

I can't understand why everybody still wants to try to re-elect a president that did nothing to prevent the 2020 elections and have us right now living in such uncertainty that it just not even funny. This was a coup what they did to him, and yet Trump did not fight back and now Trump is running again when Trump should've fought for the decertification of the 2020 stolen elections.

All reality shows no action!



A waste of Taxpayers money.

And at the end, the real reason is and as always is to discredit and repeat the same lie over and over again until it becomes the truth.

A pure Circus Show!

Is like these Marxicarts are doing it to pissed up Trump's supporters. So these Trump's supporters will even more vote for Trump in 2024 so once again the Marxicrats will be stealing the elections and Trump will finally give in and meantime the country gets ruined completely. And that's when the Communists pressed the pedal even more for full control in tyranny over us.

So my question is, was it is going to be? What it got to be done for we as a country realize that we are losing our Republic and that something needs to be done before it gets too late.

Because obviously in 2024 nothing changes, and these Marxists get to choose for us who's our President and once that is done, we are a communist country. When are we going to realize that that the communists little by little are taking over our country and once it is taken it will be destroyed.