A waste of Taxpayers money.

And at the end, the real reason is and as always is to discredit and repeat the same lie over and over again until it becomes the truth.

A pure Circus Show!

Is like these Marxicarts are doing it to pissed up Trump's supporters. So these Trump's supporters will even more vote for Trump in 2024 so once again the Marxicrats will be stealing the elections and Trump will finally give in and meantime the country gets ruined completely. And that's when the Communists pressed the pedal even more for full control in tyranny over us.

So my question is, was it is going to be? What it got to be done for we as a country realize that we are losing our Republic and that something needs to be done before it gets too late.

Because obviously in 2024 nothing changes, and these Marxists get to choose for us who's our President and once that is done, we are a communist country. When are we going to realize that that the communists little by little are taking over our country and once it is taken it will be destroyed.