Let's take it from the top, the 2020 elections were stolen, and nothing has been done or will be ever get done about it. And our best shot is playing the Donald Trump Card! How you try to reelect a president that got reelected by the people in 2020?

Who's to blame? Donald Trump. That's who. Trump and the whole country knew that the Marxicrats were going to steal the elections. and they did!

Trump could've prevented all this by firing ahead of time Anthony Fauci and signing an executive order prohibiting mail in ballots. Since Trump didn't do nothing about it before the 2020 elections Trump could've very easy stated at the Oral Office and watch on his desk how all of sudden, they stop counting the votes in Pennsylvania while Trump was ahead with a 5% lead and with a 72% of the votes counted for at Pennsylvania. From that moment on Donald Trump should've signed the insurrection act 1806 and deploy military personnel in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Instead, Trump did nothing. As the dream team of lawyers was set up to gather evidence Donald Trump was already allowing the transition of Biden's administration to move into the White House. When Trump could've denied the transition to take form until an auditory of all the States that were in play especially in Pennsylvania get done. Because without Pennsylvania Biden cannot win the frauded presidency.

Donnald Trump did nothing! And this is where we are right now!

And Yet Donald Trump wants to get reelected in 2024.

Trump sold us out!

I can't understand why everybody still wants to try to re-elect a president that did nothing to prevent the 2020 elections and have us right now living in such uncertainty that it just not even funny. This was a coup what they did to him, and yet Trump did not fight back and now Trump is running again when Trump should've fought for the decertification of the 2020 stolen elections.

All reality shows no action!