She will have my vote right now!

Laura Ingraham for President.

I love Laura Ingraham, she's smart, and the love of the country is unconditional. Laura is someone I can look up to since I no longer in Ted Cruz Band Wagon for 2024.

Laura Ingraham has been considered a Nationalist. Good! With the way things are, we could use a Nationalist that will put America first. Because we are sick and tired of being the piggy bank for Countries that don't appreciate us. And yet we want to stop being the police of the world too.

Laura Ingraham is smart articulate and dynamic as a person. This talk show host sell it well and is well like for her Conservative American values.

In final if it weren't because there's that light of hope to save America in Ron DeSantis, because if DeSantis don't win the Party's nomination, I will write Laura Ingraham in comes November of 2024.

Ingraham 2024! How does that look like a write in?