7/18/22: #TruthSocial has begun going Worldwide 🌎. It has become available in the #UK 🇬🇧. Just made a bunch of friends from my old country. Do a search for 🇬🇧 on TruthSocial. Check in your Country if TruthSocial is available. This is my profile on TruthSocial


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6/19/22: Proof #Covid19 #Vaccinations KILLED People as #Life #Insurance pays out a Total Claims/Benefits Up $6 Billion During 2021, the year of vaccine rollout, #DEATHS had spiked by 40% in the working age population (18-64) according to #INSURANCE #DATA from OneAmerica.

ER Editor: See the story we ran back in January by Steve Kirsch, titled Unprecedented: Deaths in Indiana for Ages 18-64 Are Up 40% During 2021, the year of vaccine rollout, deaths had spiked by [...]



6/19/22: #Government Admits #Dominion #Voting #Machines Vulnerable to #Hacking in 16 #States. Dominion voting machines have the potential to be breached, according to an advisory from the U.S. #CISA #Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. These, of course, are the machines that caused controversy in the 2020 #election.

Although used in the election that the government calls 'the most secure in American history,' Dominion machines cause concern.



6/17/22: 🇵🇹 As of June 8, 2022, #Portugal had a total of 4,903,798 #infections and 23,479 #DEATHS from #COVID19 according to the #Lisbon #Faculty of #Sciences. The country, since the start of the epidemic, will reach five million infections and 24,000 deaths in mid-June and 25,000 in July. The pattern of deaths shown below does indeed show an UPSURGE in 2022.

ER Editor: Whatever ‘Covid’ is, we are painfully aware of our inability to say what it is and, by the same token, to say what constitutes a ‘Covid death’. However, it is clear that the [...]