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We all need a place to escape now and then—whether it's the Misty Mountains of Middle Earth, the unexplored reaches of deep space alongside our friends aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, or somewhere else entirely! I hope you all can enjoy this Circle dedicated to discussing works of Science Fiction & Fantasy. Self-promotion in all its forms is welcome! We want to build one another up here. ONLY ONE RULE: Please keep political discussion to minimum. There are plenty of places on the web (and on Sovren) for political discourse. Cheers, Reed
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40 mins ago

Life-size LOTR Lego Creations at the 2012 New York Comic Con

(Photo by Kollectobil)

44 mins ago

Another cool video from @Retrospectator

Space junk is dangerous and not just in orbit. The more people around planets and celestial bodies the more garbage will accumulate and pose a danger those traveling and working in space. Therefore, we need to find practical and social ways to deal with that debris and responsibly deal with the threat our actions pose to each other. In space cause and effect can be separated by months or years.

3 hrs ago

Truth or psyop? What do you think?

Why Did The Pentagon Predict An Alien Mothership Will Visit Earth?

16 hrs ago

From a brand new member of the Sovren community, Nick Monroe!

18 hrs ago

‘Glorfindel Saving Frodo’ by Alberto dal Lago