Was the Nord Stream pipeline attacked and if so by who?

In the past couple of days, an anti-American tone has escalated through foreign social media, particularly in Austria and Germany.

Both Germany and Austria have openly accused the U.S. Navy of having carried out attacks on the Nord Stream Pipeline, having just been in the Baltic Sea.

A perhaps telling clip of Biden, from early this year, has made its rounds through social media. In the video, Biden makes remarks about shutting down Nord Stream 2 should Russia invade Ukraine.

"If Russia invades... there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it."

When asked by a reporter how the president would plan on shutting down the pipeline when it is in German control, he responded with a smirk, "I promise you we will be able to do it."

Accusations are also being made against Russia. Some believe the leak was a sophisticated attack by Russia and or Russian proxies to gain the support of its people and by means of psychological warfare, turning NATO Allies against each other.


We are in a recession.


The U.S. Congress has reached a preliminary agreement to provide $12 billion in additional assistance to Ukraine as part of a stopgap spending bill. The monies will be allocated to economic and military funding. Congress has a deadline of Friday at midnight to pass the bill.

Monday, the U.S. announced its commitment to send $457.5 million to Ukraine for its law enforcement and border patrol. To date, the Biden administration has provided over $15 billion to Ukraine to fight Russia.


Ukraine's President Zelensky virtually ringing the bell of the New York Stock Exchange just weeks ago was a very strange sight. After all when was the last time you saw the President of a country in the midst of a hot war, ringing the bell of the stock exchange or, for that matter, posing for pictures for Vogue Magazine.

When you start to peel back what is really happening with the war in Ukraine, as well as the celebrities showing up there, or when you realize that the Ukrainian government just signed a deal with the largest advertising firm in the world, you start to realize that maybe you've been played.


This is an actual headline from CNN...