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Nina Jankowicz, author of multiple "disinformation" books and publications and most likely best known for her would-be roll as “disinformation czar” to Department of Homeland Security has recently registered as a foreign agent.

According to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, a person is required by law to publicly disclosure obligations when representing foreign interests. Jankowicz has registered on behalf of Centre for Information Resilience, a British disinformation organization targeting online content.

The Center for Information Resilience is a certified member of Social Enterprise UK, whose partners include the National Health Service (NHS) and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

In a tweet, announcing Jankowicz onboarding the Centre for Information Resilience said, "Nina will help lead our efforts in countering hostile state efforts to distort the information space."

In 2021 Jankowicz testified before the British Parliament advocating for setting minimum speech standards. She also advocated having “trustworthy verified people” edit posts on Twitter that are contrary to establishment narratives.

Jankowicz position with the Department of Homeland Security was short-lived after extreme scrutiny and "Ministry of Truth" comparisons.

Jankowicz has also been an adviser to the government of Ukraine, on strategic communications, during her time as a Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellowship.

How vetted was this "disinformation" darling's loyalty to the U.S.?


Twitter ran a poll last week which resulted in 70% of its users in favor for general amnesty for all suspended Twitter users.

Since Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, conservative leaning platforms and free speech advocates have been singing the billionaires praise. But do these acclamations come too soon?

It appears that Twitter's general amnesty granted to its users will most likely have no longevity as its Terms of Service is still set up to punish those who question official narratives.

"Denying mass casualty events took place

We prohibit content that denies that mass murder or other mass casualty events took place, where we can verify that the event occured, and when the content is shared with abusive intent. This may include references to such an event as a
"hoax" or claims that victims or survivors are fake or "actors." It includes, but is not limited to, events like the Holocaust, school shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters."

Along with this ban on inquisition, Elon Musk has also openly stated there will be a strict policy against "hate speech."

When questioned via tweet by Jordan Peterson of how he would define such "hate speech," Musk replied, "This is simply based on the same list of terms that Twitter has used for some time, so ceteris paribus."

It seems the fundamental changes free-speech lovers were hoping for on Twitter may not actually come to fruition.


Comment below if you're not surprised...


In September, we posted an article titled "A Quiet Invasion," which outlined Chinese firms expanding their presence in American agriculture by purchasing farmland and major agribusinesses. Among many concerns was that several of these farmlands are located in close proximity to U.S. military bases.

Last week, FBI director Christopher Wray said he was deeply concerned about the Chinese government setting up unauthorized “police stations” in U.S. cities.

The topic arose at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing when Senator Rick Scott said, "It's been reported that the Chinese Communist Party is operating police stations in the United States in an effort to surveil Chinese dissidents... Seems obvious the U.S. shouldn't allow its most significant geopolitical rival, an oppressive Communist regime, to establish police stations in the U.S. What authority or jurisdiction does the CCP have in the U.S.?"

"I'm very concerned about this," Wray responded. "We are aware of the existence of these stations."

Wray added there have been multiple imputations related to the Chinese government "engaging in uncoordinated law, law enforcement action, right here in the United States, harassing, stalking, surveilling, blackmailing people who they just don't like or who disagree with the Xi regime."

Earlier this year, the Dutch government announced it was investigating reports that Chinese police forces illegally opened at least two stations in the Netherlands and were using them to keep tabs on Chinese dissidents.

China's Embassy in Washington acknowledged the existence of the sites but denied having anything to do with police surveillance; instead, they insisted they were volunteer-run sites operating to help Chinese citizens renew documents.

It seems China's presence is ever growing in the U.S. How comfortable are we with making this "geopolitical rival" our neighbor?



The G20 is an intergovernmental forum comprising 20 countries and the European Union who work to coordinate global policy on trade, health, climate, and other issues. This year, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, who insisted that the 'Great Reset' will "solve a fundamental lack of social cohesion," was one of the summit's esteemed guests.

During the meeting, Schwab announced his plans for a "Deep Systemic and Structural Restructuring of Our World."

Schwab spoke of "an economic, political, social and ecological and institutional crisis." He said, "Actually what we have to confront is a deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world. And this will take some time. And the world will look differently after we have gone through this transition process."

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic Schwab remarked that, "The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world."

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

The leaders at this year's summit drafted and signed a declaration to adopt vaccine passports with the purported goal to to “facilitate” all international travel.

In a report following the conclusion of the summit, the G20 leaders reiterated their commitment to “move towards interoperability of systems including mechanisms that validate proof of vaccination, whilst respecting the sovereignty of national health policies, and relevant national regulations such as personal data protection and data-sharing.”

During a Business 20 (B20) panel held ahead of the G20 summit, Indonesia’s Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin expressed his support for a 'Digital Health Certificate.'

“Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO. If you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around... So for the next pandemic, instead of stopping the movement of the people 100 percent, which stopped the economy globally, you can still provide some movement of the people."

It appears a "pandemic amnesty" is off the table. At least until we conquer the next global pandemic.