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My stance on many separate issues is consistently going to be a stance of protecting children. Doesn’t matter if that upsets some. Protecting children will be the priority here and adults can figure out their feelings around the needs of children to be safe.


For those wondering where to start on understanding the Tate trafficking fiasco, I recommend going through all of Nick Monroe’s files. He’s been doing the dirty work and documenting this case for years and the evidence he has collected has provided many a break through on this case. Here’s part 1 to get you started. It is a DEEP pool!!



A state where the government can steal a portion of your income against your will, imprison you for enjoying a plant, or tell you what kind of tool you can use to defend your life is not a free one by any means. Those are all chains keeping the people from ever being truly free.


During the early 1700s there was a major wave of Irish immigration to the budding U.S. Their long-term fight against the British in their homeland,...