Sovren welcomes the Riffs or Die podcast, hosted by musician David Sanchez of Havok, to the platform! David Sanchez is a musician, producer, audio engineer, and leader of the Colorado thrash metal band Havok, a group that has toured in 50+ countries all around the world over the past decade. Sanchez has stood strong for years as a free speech advocate in his artistic ventures, including his podcast Riffs or Die. The Riffs or Die podcast covers a wide spectrum of topics including music, history, current events, philosophy and critical thinking in a format that encourages free thought and introspection in a positive, entertaining and thought-provoking atmosphere. Follow Riffs Or Die and check out David's latest podcasts here: https://sovren.media/u/riffsordie/ [photo: Mark Maryanovich]



PRESS RELEASE: Sovren Slams Meta’s Deplatforming of Robert F. Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense Nonprofit

ATLANTA – Big Tech censorship strikes again, this time against one of the world’s foremost critics of the medical tyranny regime.

On Wednesday, Aug. 11, Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta Platforms, Inc. unexpectedly suspended the accounts of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), a nonprofit led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The following day, CHD posted a press release to their website outlining the situation and the organization’s ongoing free speech-oriented lawsuits against the tech giant.

Sovren currently hosts both CHD and Kennedy on our platform as verified content creators, where they hold 13,000 followers and 11,000 followers, respectively.

“Meta’s shameless attempt to silence the work of Children’s Health Defense is a discouraging sign that Big Tech’s policing of online speech will only get worse,” said Ben Swann, founder and CEO of Sovren. “The neoliberal regime loves having platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube under its control in order to suppress criticism of the government. Meanwhile, at Sovren, we will gladly continue hosting pages like Children’s Health Defense, as we believe that all voices deserve to be heard.”

Sovren’s goal is to create an uncensored, blockchain-based, decentralized news and entertainment platform with a funding mechanism for independent media. For more information on Sovren’s work, please visit https://isegoria.com or contact Reed Cooley at reed@isegoria.com.

Spearheaded by multi-award winning investigative journalist Ben Swann, Isegoria’s mission is to create an uncensored news and entertainment platform, using disruptive technologies.



Check it! Sovren CEO @BenSwann interviews Zuby at Freedom Fest


EXCLUSIVE: I got to interview the one and only Zuby at FreedomFest 2022! To be honest, the guy has some pretty great insights on the future of freedom around the world—and what the fight for a future free of global/medical tyranny will look like…




Now on Sovren: Jack Lloyd! Jack Lloyd is an artist, producer and a content creator who uses a creative spin to bring attention to education, government policy and other issues. He's also the mind behind the comic series Voluntaryist and the author of the book The Definitive Guide to Libertarian Voluntaryism. https://sovren.media/u/voluntaryism/ Welcome, Jack!




Sovren welcomes The Pholosopher! The Pholosopher is an advocate of the principles of peace, liberty and non-aggression who creates videos about complex topics and presents perspectives embracing these principles. Check out her content and follow her here: https://sovren.media/u/thepholosopher/