When people think about mass destruction in war they typically think about chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons. But there is something that could easily have a similar body count with potentially longer lasting results. A cyber attack could shut down our infrastructure, prevent basic services and cripple our just in time food and grocery system. In many respects a serious cyber attack would be similar to a an EMP attack or a solar flair. It would cut us off from the luxuries, resources, and support we have become accustomed to. If you have ever heard a prepper talk about the results of an electromagnetic pulse then this video will sound familiar to you.
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Through the prism of the Time Traveler we can see our modern world reflected. Not only are the Eloi perfect representations of the neutered and intentionally stunted nature of many people in modern society but the Morlocks and Time Traveler himself serve as behavior models for what we see in the world today. We can see this in how our modern school system is designed to produce rule followers and narrative regurgitators rather than critical thinkers. HG Wells was brilliant and did a fantastic job of predicting the horrors of modern society. Many people turn to 1984 when looking for an analogy of modern times but I think the Time Traveler is more accurate. In the Time Traveler we see the Eloi intellectually stunted and turned into barely more than livestock who worship their oppressors. That is exactly what we see today in the world at large. But what do you think? Do you think we are ruled by Morlocks and Eloi is a better representative of modern man than Sheeple?


With the final election in Argentina right around the corner we have transited several relevant Retrosptectator videos into Spanish for our Argentine audience. Parte del equipo de Retrospectator es de #Argentina, lo que le proporciona una exposición de primera mano a los fracasos del socialismo y a cómo una civilización puede pasar de ser próspera a empobrecida por mil pequeñas mordidas y un gobierno expositivo de izquierda. Este video es más bien una colaboración de contenido entre yo, Joshua y Leonardo. Queremos que veas la historia de advertencia que Argentina se ha convertido desde la perspectiva argentina. Este video contrastará fuertemente con nuestro video de hace unas semanas, donde hablamos sobre el posible futuro de Argentina bajo #Javier #Milei. La elección es este domingo, así que estamos rompiendo aún más nuestro programa de lanzamientos con esta carga. Perdimos varias semanas porque Leonardo estaba ayudando en la campaña de Javier. Todos rezamos para que no se vuelva violento cuando los poderes establecidos pierdan la elección y potencialmente intenten mantener el control por la fuerza. #Milei2023 #JavierMilei


With such a porous southern border the United States is at risk for far more than an endless stream of illegal immigration. We have made many enemies around the world who won't hesitate to exploit any weakness and there is a glaring weakness to our south that, after something happens, will be extremely obvious in the twenty-twenty vision of hindsight. The recent attacks by Hamas in Israel have shown that a determined enemy can cause significant death and destruction with improvised equipment and tactics. The essential factors are unpredictability and surprise. It is impossible to defend our entire country from an enemy once we have been infiltrated at scale. Israel couldn't do it and it is a country the size New Jersey. So what are the possible results of being infiltrated by our enemies and who may try something like that? How large could such an attack become and how much could it disrupt our daily lives and could it become a threat to our way of life?


It is well understood that weakness invites challenge but in reality it doesn't just invite challenge, it brings violence. Only the incredibly secure have the luxury of being weak. The cycle of history shows that strong men create good times, good times create hard times, and hard times create strong men. Why then would anyone intentionally become weak and welcome hard times? In our personal lives we do not have the luxury of being weak. You must protect your family and yourself and as the world becomes more and more dangerous this is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Finally, my fellow libertarians seem to have forgotten that nothing exists in a vacuum and no matter how much you respect individual rights in your nation there will always be those who look at you with greed from another nation and seek to crush or conquer you. Weakness at every level brings destruction. So do whatever you can to not be weak.