False Flags are not new. FFs tie into the trend of media manipulation and fake news that has plagued our civilization for more than a decade now. False Flags are nothing more than the next step in the propaganda chain. If your political opponents won't give you the excuse you want, you manufacture it yourself. It is not a question of if false flags will happen, but rather how often.


Inflation is not hard to understand. There is no secret formula and there are no deeper mysteries. The amount of currency divided by the amount of economic activity gives you the value of the currency. Sure, you can find small complications in what builds those two numbers, but the math is inescapable.


The WEF finds their moral virtue in what they can force you to do. They have an ideology as rigid and grounded in mythological goals as much as any religion. Their behavior is just like priestkings of old. The World Economic Forum is appropriately named in the fact that it lists what they seek to control, the world, all economies, and all public forums.