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Argentina finds itself in an unfortunate situation with out of control inflation, a failing economy, and socialist leadership. But there is hope. With Javier Meili dominating the recent primaries one is forced to wonder what effects a liberating Argentina could have on its, people, region, and the world. The first monumental task Javier would be faced with would be tackling the runaway hyperinflation which would require alternative solutions and national humility. With China's manufacturing dominance falling and a freed Argentina there would be huge opportunity for domestic growth. Argentina has vast natural and human resources and is perfectly positioned to become a global power if the power of the free market were unleashed to do its job. The hope freedom and growth bring almost always effects the birth rate in major ways and I think we could quickly see an Argentine baby boom. A powerful, free, and growing, and prosperous Argentina could even help hold back the tide of authoritarianism we see washing over the world. Release valve theory would indicate the world desperately needs a place that is significantly more free than any nation that currently exists. If we are given that bastion it would prevent other countries from squeezing their populations too tightly lest their people free for a new shining beacon of freedom.



Blind hope is worse than useless because it handicaps your ability to act on what you know will happen.


Recent events in New Mexico and California have shown that they are, in fact, coming for our children and our guns. New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham's executive order banning both open carry and concealed carry permits in Albuquerque demonstrate that the left has a complete disregard for basic constitutional rights. California passing a bill that allows the state to take children from parents who don't support transgender surgeries and hormones from their children is a blatant attack on both parental rights and basic human decency. It is a mockery of sanity that we do not allow children to get tattoos or drink because they are too young and that is permanent and will damage their bodies but allow them to make irreversible changes to their body after being indoctrinated by their teachers and other leftists. It is no coincidence that Washington State introduced the same law as California shortly after the AR ban went into effect. The left is intentionally creating a situation that can quickly spiral out of control.