Decentralize TV Mark Jeftovic (aka The Bitcoin Capitalist) on freedom, crypto, assets, CBDCs and decentralization


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To learn more, visit: https://bombthrower.com/- Crypto and Bitcoin with Mark Jeff Novick. (0:00)- Cyberpunk philosophy, clown world, and Bitcoin. (1:03)- Using Bitcoin for everyday commerce and its increasing adoption globally. (7:37)- The potential of Bitcoin as a global emergency money. (11:07)- CBDCs, social credit, and Bitcoin. (17:30)- Bitcoin privacy and exchange of value. (26:42)- Crypto regulations and centralized exchanges. (35:25)- Decentralized exchanges and surveillance in the crypto world. (40:15)- Bitcoin adoption, privacy tools, and CBDCs. (43:52)- Internet censorship and takedown requests. (49:57)- Decentralization and its impact on society. (56:30)- Crypto investing, privacy, and security. (1:02:39)- Crypto investments and self-custody. (1:09:38)- Beekeeping, food forests, and AI technology. (1:16:23)- Tax avoidance strategies and private entity creation. (1:21:43)- Decentralized finance and insider trading. (1:26:30)



Decentralize.TV interviews Reuben Yap from FIRO, a privacy coin with highly advanced anonymity features


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Reuben Yap gives the latest updated on FIRO, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency with worldwide adoption and advanced privacy / security features (large anonymity sets). Learn more at FIRO.org



BioArchitecture engineer Alosha Lynov reveals philosophy for decentralized, harmonious community with limitless natural resources

Decentralize TV



Revolutionary author Cory Endrulat on ending tyranny and the modern slavery of all human beings

Decentralize TV - April 11, 2024


 See Cory’s powerful website at TheLiberator.us to learn about global abolitionism, ending human slavery, achieving universal human freedom and more.



Dr. Shiva reveals his plan for America, stripping power from centralized control and restoring it to We the People

Decentralize TV – April 3, 2024


US presidential candidate Dr. Shiva joins Decentralize TV to discuss his vision for how to solve America’s core problems. Naturally, the solutions involve decentralizing control from Washington D.C. and restoring it to the states, local communities and We the People. Learn more at Shiva4president.comDr. Shiva,presidential