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**Responding to a Money Lover About Ayn Rand**

*"To love money is to know and love the fact that money is the creation of the best power within you, and your passkey to trade your effort for the effort of the best among men. It's the person who would sell his soul for a nickel, who is loudest in proclaiming his hatred of money – and he has good reason to hate it."* ~Francisco d'Anconia – Atlas Shrugged

Let's start with the fact that loving money does NOT evoke "best" creation. It evokes deviousness to see how much for how little can be gained. What evokes the best efforts is love for what One is doing. Love for the Ones that the work is being done for. Love of the positive social currencies One receives for work well done (praise, thanks, reputation, admiration, etc.).

And it is the Person who sees that money WILL promote psychopaths to power – and that's why We have psychopaths lying to Us to get Us to conform to Their plans for Us – who reviles the practice. Not One who would sell anything for a nickle.

And the list of lies We are told by the psychopaths in control (by virtue of money) is very long – "deadly viruses" exist! "Contagion" is gonna get You! Humans are causing the weather (never mind that the sun adds 99.9% of what drives the weather). We should eat mostly grains – and bugs (while the useless ELiters are beefeaters...)!

That's the tiniest tip of a giant iceberg.

And the ONLY tool these psychopaths have to affect the lies upon Us is money. Without the money, They can lie to Others, but They are just one voice Each. They cannot pay Others to tell the lies too. They cannot buy media and schools and publishing (like Rockefeller did to tell the twin tower lies of "deadly viruses" and "contagion") to tell Us many untruths.

Add to this that there have been Human societies that lived in abundance – where all They needed was there for the taking. In abundance, no accounting for One's energy input arose – no form of money manifested. These were mostly "island paradises" that vanished in the early 20th century when the "western world" moved in, usurped the land and forced the accounting for energy (money) on Them.

Rather than the psychopaths being promoted to control everything, They had the caring One taking care of things. People were promoted to prominence by the respect and admiration They received for the wisdom They offered. There was no poverty, and People were motivated to choose Their behavior Ethically else Their standing in the social group would fall.

And those People did things because They loved to do them. They cared. They wanted acceptance and love...

So. Ayn Rand's perspective would be fine (but for the limit on the money, which means Some will live richly while Most will live in poverty) if there were no psychopaths. If We ALL were loving, caring, compassionate and empathetic Ones. But the reality is that We have Ones amongst Us who genetically CANNOT feel caring, compassion, love, or empathy for Others. They do not feel remorse. And They lust after power over Others – which money provides – and will not stop short of breaking the three Laws of Ethics to get it.

They will lie, cheat, defraud, steal, torture, and kill if it will put Them at the advantage.

I aim for a planet paradise – We have been "post-scarcity" (no political baggage intended with that) for decades at least, but money creates artificial scarcities. And some deliberately created by the psychopaths aiming to control Us ALL 100%. Where We can fulfill Our potential rather than having to find some way to plug Our energy in to receive the token of the day that accounts for that energy added. Where We can do what interests Us, what We love to do, rather than being chained to a "job" to pay the bills so We can survive.

Money is an archaic tool – and an **EXTREMELY** dangerous one, and I think We should put it down in favor of freedom.

The Detailed Blueprint (for a Society of Ethical Sovereigns):


I note on here many posts dealing with "economics," "taxing" things, money in general. I would like to bring an alternative perspective.

As I know - make that KNOW!!! - that We have free energy technologies hidden in black projects, and I know that money (in any form: trade/barter on up to electronic bits) is, at its foundation, the accounting for Our energy added, ensuring We each add energy into the system, it is clear that free energy would make accounting for Our energy added pointless.

If money was not such a dangerous tool, it would not matter to Me, but it ALWAYS will promote the psychopaths amongst Us. In trade/barter, They will do anything - Ethical or unEthical ("evil") - to get and keep needed things - land, water, seed, etc.

Once the accounting for Our energy moves to representational things - shells, beads, metals (coins), paper (bills), or electronic bits - it is all the easier to gain the power money provides.

Money = power = energy. And the reason the psychopaths in control hide the free energy technologies is because THEY know that intimate link between energy and money, and Their power over Us.

Add free energy and Their tool to power slips away. 100% of the cost of EVERYTHING is energy. the resources sit here freely, but it takes energy to put them into useful configuration.

I add here a capture of a response I made to One who struggled with seeing My view. I hope it assists You in grasping what I see.

Also, I will offer this video - assume nothing based on the title:

Is Money Evil?:

I hope to see positive reception. Love always!