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Aristaeus.Club ~ The People’s Lobby for Good Governance ~ Not for Profit A truth club because is wise to know the truth, foolish to believe lies, and it is the truth that sets people free. Truth is a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, or principle. The General Outline of Aristaeus Truth Club The Purpose of the Club To gain and maintain a monopoly on truth to rule the club. To design, maintain, and promote a more perfect voluntary society for the people to thrive on Earth peacefully. Fundamental concepts: Honesty, Truth, Decentralization of Money, Transparency. 1. The truth is what is known. 2. The lie is a known distortion of truth in order to deceive. 
 3. Gold is money. Golden Rule. "Whoever owns the gold makes the rules." Gold must be earned so society is productive when real money is used for trade and saved. Ludwig von Mises, "Gold must be in the cash holdings of everybody. Everybody must see gold coins changing hands, must be used to having gold coins in his pockets, to receiving gold coins when he cashes his paycheck, and to spending gold coins when he buys in a store." Know the truth. Know what money is so that money changers can not fool the members. The truth the money changers hide is that gold is money. Very few people know that gold is money which demonstrates the effectiveness of the money changers. The members of Aristaeus.Club know that gold is money and why. We are not fooled by the money changer’s lie. Money changers, who hide the truth about money with lies, are the source of chaos in the world, and they have the power because they own the world. They rule with lies and weapons. is based on truth and the non-aggression principle. is a debate club of truth tellers to discuss and lobby for legislation to promote a more perfect society for the people to thrive on Earth peacefully. To defend the people against destroyers of the Earth and nature. Three Membership Levels based on the Copper cent, the Silver dollar, and the Gold Eagle as originally defined in the Coinage Act of 1792. A Cent is 11 pennyweights of copper. A Dollar is 371.25 grains of pure silver. An Eagle is 247.5 grains of pure gold. 
Level I Copper Club Member The test. What is a lie? What is truth? Once those questions are answered correctly online, they become members. Anyone and everyone who passes the online test to verify they know the difference between a truth and lie is a member. Level I members can opt into email notification and updates about the club. Eligible to buy a copper Aristaeus token containing 11 pennyweights of pure copper at current market value. Can apply for Level II Silver membership. Level II
 Silver Club Member Members must demonstrate they know why gold is money. People interested in getting their voice heard to be the change they want to see in the world. A discussion lobby and funding group to promote the wellbeing of the Club members. Eligible to buy a silver Aristaeus token containing 371.25 grains of pure silver at current market value. Can apply for Level III membership. Level III
 Gold Club Members are the governing members of the club. Truth tellers who apply for the gold club must be approved by the governing gold club members. Background checks are required to confirm they are real human. No fakes or liars allowed in the governing body.
 Gold member agenda is 100% transparent to all members of the club. Eligible to buy a gold Aristaeus token containing 247.5 grains of pure gold at current market value. The first 13 gold club members are by invitation only. Once the club gets 13 members, then those 13 members will make or modify the club’s rules to fit the agenda of the club. Then, all club decisions at Level III require 9/13 = 0.692 majority vote to pass. Level III votes are transparent online.
 The first 13 members will develop the agenda for the proper role of government for society and lobby for its implementation. We will lobby for good roads, public land, private land, public restrooms and showers, basic level income and housing, medical care, paid for by land taxation at the county level along the lines of Henry George philosophy of land ownership.
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 Membership of Good Wealthy Individuals - Peace on Earth Apply for membership - Aristaeus@Aristaeus.Club
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“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” ― Wise Maxim

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The tests. What is a lie? What is truth? Why is a dollar of silver money?
Members must demonstrate they know why commodities are money.
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Level III
Aristaeus Sage Club Members are the governing members of the club.
Truth tellers who apply for the Sage club membership level must be approved by the governing Sage club members.

No fakes or charlatans allowed in the governing body.


I note on here many posts dealing with "economics," "taxing" things, money in general. I would like to bring an alternative perspective.

As I know - make that KNOW!!! - that We have free energy technologies hidden in black projects, and I know that money (in any form: trade/barter on up to electronic bits) is, at its foundation, the accounting for Our energy added, ensuring We each add energy into the system, it is clear that free energy would make accounting for Our energy added pointless.

If money was not such a dangerous tool, it would not matter to Me, but it ALWAYS will promote the psychopaths amongst Us. In trade/barter, They will do anything - Ethical or unEthical ("evil") - to get and keep needed things - land, water, seed, etc.

Once the accounting for Our energy moves to representational things - shells, beads, metals (coins), paper (bills), or electronic bits - it is all the easier to gain the power money provides.

Money = power = energy. And the reason the psychopaths in control hide the free energy technologies is because THEY know that intimate link between energy and money, and Their power over Us.

Add free energy and Their tool to power slips away. 100% of the cost of EVERYTHING is energy. the resources sit here freely, but it takes energy to put them into useful configuration.

I add here a capture of a response I made to One who struggled with seeing My view. I hope it assists You in grasping what I see.

Also, I will offer this video - assume nothing based on the title:

Is Money Evil?:

I hope to see positive reception. Love always!


Henry George --- "Progress and Poverty"

“Both the ethical and economic reasoning behind taxing land rest on one disarmingly simple insight: land cannot be produced. As a result, nobody is naturally entitled to it and taxes cannot discourage its production.

What’s more, increases in the value of land are unearned, since when an area is more desirable it is a result of the collective efforts of the community rather than the individual efforts of the landowner. Leafing through Henry George’s magnum opus, Progress and Poverty, he makes this point beautifully.

He is also extremely careful with his definitions and logic, and for these reasons is worth quoting at length;”

“The term land necessarily includes, not merely the surface of the earth as distinguished from the water and the air, but the whole material universe outside of man himself, for it is only by having access to land, from which his very body is drawn, that man can come in contact with or use nature.

The term land embraces, in short, all natural materials, forces, and opportunities, and, therefore, northing that is freely supplied by nature can be properly classed as capital.”

It is, he says, inherently unjust to own land:

“The right to exclusive ownership of anything of human production is clear. No matter how many the hands through which it has passed, there was, at the beginning of the line, human labor – some one who, having procured or produced it by his exertions, had to it a clear title as against all the rest of mankind, and which could justly pass from one to another by sale or gift.

But at the end of what string of conveyances or grants can be shown to or supposed a like title to any part of the material earth?”


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