I note on here many posts dealing with "economics," "taxing" things, money in general. I would like to bring an alternative perspective.

As I know - make that KNOW!!! - that We have free energy technologies hidden in black projects, and I know that money (in any form: trade/barter on up to electronic bits) is, at its foundation, the accounting for Our energy added, ensuring We each add energy into the system, it is clear that free energy would make accounting for Our energy added pointless.

If money was not such a dangerous tool, it would not matter to Me, but it ALWAYS will promote the psychopaths amongst Us. In trade/barter, They will do anything - Ethical or unEthical ("evil") - to get and keep needed things - land, water, seed, etc.

Once the accounting for Our energy moves to representational things - shells, beads, metals (coins), paper (bills), or electronic bits - it is all the easier to gain the power money provides.

Money = power = energy. And the reason the psychopaths in control hide the free energy technologies is because THEY know that intimate link between energy and money, and Their power over Us.

Add free energy and Their tool to power slips away. 100% of the cost of EVERYTHING is energy. the resources sit here freely, but it takes energy to put them into useful configuration.

I add here a capture of a response I made to One who struggled with seeing My view. I hope it assists You in grasping what I see.

Also, I will offer this video - assume nothing based on the title:

Is Money Evil?: https://odysee.com/@amaterasusolar:8/is-money-evil:9?lid=eeff9e0c80138ce03e22d76bcd5f2f873ff46b72

I hope to see positive reception. Love always!