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It Will Never Be Given By Those Who Plan to Enslave Us



I'm re-releasing this blog I wrote 2 years ago today in VIDEO format! This is one of my highly produced videos that took over 20 hours to make, so I hope you enjoy it! We were told exactly what to do in our founding document if we were to find ourselves in the situation we're in now 246 years ago today...


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I'm re-releasing this blog I wrote 2 years ago today in VIDEO format! This is one of my highly produced videos that took over 20 hours to make, so I hope you enjoy it! We were told exactly what to do



Happy Juneteenth?

I suppose there is no irony lost on this inaugural national holiday celebrating the emancipation of one class of people from slavery, when the entire nation is enslaved to a system they willfully and ignorantly support and oddly respect. Even though, it deserves none of their respect OR support whatsoever because it is the source of their mental, physical, and financial enslavement. The amendments to the CONstitution which came from the Emancipation Proclamation actually didn’t “free” anyone. They created an entire nation of debt-slave citizens; subservient to an illegitimate “government” authority which had already been infiltrated and largely taken over by the predator banking and robber baron classes. DUMBocracy is yet another trap of these parasitical magicians.

The world we have today and the false reality in which we live only gives people the illusion of “freedom” because no one is truly free at all. Three weeks ago, I wrote an incredibly powerful 4 part blog series which was largely overlooked because people can’t take the time to learn just how easy it would be to free ourselves from this false reality of imagined freedom and actually experience TRUE freedom for the first time in our lives. I have dedicated the remainder of my life to this work and have already sacrificed more than a quarter of it to creating the one viable, non-violent, and peaceful solution that WOULD, once fully implemented, ACTUALLY emancipate ALL of humanity from the grips of the predator class whom have hijacked the entire world and are in the process of implementing a system of FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE over our lives.

So, yeah, “celebrate” this one of many faux national “holidays,” or take the time to listen to this 4 part series to fully understand what freedom is and how we can reclaim and implement it in our lifetimes for the first time ever. We all have free will. The choice is yours. But, unless we unite as one powerful and unstoppable force, we will all fall...

Here are the links to all 4 parts of the series.

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Part 1: Humanity Will Never Be Free, Unless...

Part 2: What Needs To Be Done To Break Free of Oppression

Part 3: The Paradox of the Illusory Social Contract

Part 4: The Three Vital Parts of a Well-Functioning Society


I haven't posted here in a while because I have been working hard on my latest and most powerful video yet! This one took over 6 weeks and probably 90 hours to create with the research, writing, editing and making the video, but it should completely obliterate one of the most cherished beliefs in American history and one that only keeps us all enslaved to this archaic and corrupt system. Let's commit to taking our power BACK in 2022!! (I would LOVE to host videos on this platform as well, but I have yet to hear back from my application to upload...) Enjoy!!


This “Creating a Natural Law Republic: The Constitution Series” is an addendum to “The Path to Freedom” video series. I had intended on making Part 7 of the series a brief summation of the proposed Co