Sovren welcomes the Riffs or Die podcast, hosted by musician David Sanchez of Havok, to the platform!

David Sanchez is a musician, producer, audio engineer, and leader of the Colorado thrash metal band Havok, a group that has toured in 50+ countries all around the world over the past decade. Sanchez has stood strong for years as a free speech advocate in his artistic ventures, including his podcast Riffs or Die.

The Riffs or Die podcast covers a wide spectrum of topics including music, history, current events, philosophy and critical thinking in a format that encourages free thought and introspection in a positive, entertaining and thought-provoking atmosphere.

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[photo: Mark Maryanovich]

Sovren Creator To Follow: Derrick Broze, The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze is among Sovren’s earliest Creators and the founder of The Conscious Resistance, a uniquely empowering organization that has been creating independent content since 2012.

Since its inception, Derrick and The Conscious Resistance Network has been steadily producing reports, podcasts, documentaries, interviews, and other forms of media that aim to uplift and educate individuals and communities to seek truth and discover positive solutions for issues facing the world including social issues; economies; foreign policy; health; governments local, federal and global; and much more.

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Welcome Jason Bassler, one of our early Creators here at Sovren!

Jason is the co-founder of The Free Thought Project and is a steadfast advocate for peace; a critic of mainstream media narratives and government intervention; and is known as one of the biggest voices to call for police accountability as founder of Police The Police. Jason has spent years not just revealing corruption, but discussing ways citizens can develop peaceful solutions. He has been featured in Rolling Stone, Reason, and many other media publications.

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Now on Sovren: Jack Lloyd!

Jack Lloyd is an artist, producer and a content creator who uses a creative spin to bring attention to education, government policy and other issues. He's also the mind behind the comic series Voluntaryist and the author of the book The Definitive Guide to Libertarian Voluntaryism.

Welcome, Jack!

Sovren welcomes The Pholosopher!

The Pholosopher is an advocate of the principles of peace, liberty and non-aggression who creates videos about complex topics and presents perspectives embracing these principles. Check out her content and follow her here: