Michael Heise, Chair of the Mises Caucus:
"The states and the localities have a lot of decision-making authority under the 10th Amendment. This is what the Mises Caucus is all about. We're calling it Project Decentralized Revolution. We're recruiting people to run for city council, mayor, school board, sheriff, judge to run for these types of offices where you can nullify the federal government."


The corruption of the family court system on full display as these children are forcibly removed from their father and taken against their will to their mother while the children beg not to go, explaining that she sexually abuses them.


Ukrainian Orthodox Christians protesting in the streets after President Zelenskyy orders the SBU (Ukrainian KGB) to arrest Bishops and confiscate church property.


Are the names and addresses of Democrat donors being used to launder outside, potentially foreign money to Democrat lawmakers and campaigns? James O’Keefe goes door to door with O’Keefe Media Group and asks homeowners in Annapolis, MD about thousands of donations made in their names.


Children need parents to shape them into civilized individuals who are able to love and respect themselves and others. A crucial part of being a parent is being able to tell a child no and to show them how to transform their immature impulses, both good and bad, into healthy ways of living.

Unhinged ideology, weaponized by media and carried out by an avaricious segment of the medical-pharmacological establishment, is intimidating and confusing parents so that they do not speak truth to their troubled children when "allies" seek to pull them further into chaos by culling them from the herd and convincing them that anyone who does not fully "affirm" them actually wants them dead.

Questioning the motives of the ghouls who want to medically and psychologically disfigure young people whose brains and souls are still developing is but the first step in trying to turn back what can only be honestly described as a cultish social contagion.

Unless good men and women from all over the political spectrum unite to take that step together, incidents like this will only become more common and more severe.