The federal government and banking elites are trying to force Americans out of their credit union or community bank and into mega-banks. Why? To centralize held currency into their preferred institutions and make the transition to a monitored digital currency easier.


Jaywalkers’ faces are displayed on a billboard of shame and fines are automatically taken from their bank accounts, all without human intervention.


The Take Human Action tour is fundamental to Project Decentralized Revolution. This 6-city tour features our biggest Libertarian heroes and thought leaders promoting Austrian Economics, nullification and decentralization, war and peace, gun rights, and free speech. It is our best opportunity to bring our people and our creatives together, to support each other in our projects, to offer something in the social realm, to foster a robust community and to watch a culture of Liberty emerge.


As of yesterday, there have been 16 East Cleveland Police officers indicted for brutalizing citizens in the last 6 months. Many of these incidents are captured in this compilation.


New Australian Army recruitment ad uses “realistic scenarios” as a selling point to convince people to join. What are the realistic scenarios? Domestic population control.