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Make Your Morning Better With Coffee Smoothie

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Food storage: Containers for storing wheat berries for optimal shelf life


Biologically speaking, the wheat berry, also known as the “kernel,” is the seed from which a wheat plant grows. They are a powerful survival food that, if stored properly, can last for years in your stockpile. Wheat seeds or wheat berries are true whole grains that will keep you healthy. They are a great source of […]



Worried about heavy metals in food products like turmeric? Buy only organic items for your survival stockpile


When buying supplies for your stockpile, it’s important to do so from trusted sources that offer lab-verified organic products. This can help you protect your family from food tainted with harmful heavy metals, such as lead. Lead used to be a contaminant in turmeric, the unique spice that gives curry its beautiful golden color. Researchers traced […]



Jerusalem #Artichoke Nutrition Facts


Protect your family from heavy metals in major spice brands and stock up on organic herbs and spices instead


Many home cooks often use a variety of herbs and spices to prepare various meals. However, recent reports have revealed that several popular brands of spices are contaminated with heavy metals like lead, which are often linked to adverse side effects. Data has revealed that there are elevated levels of lead in six brands of […]