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Binge drinking is a rising trend with dangerous consequences. As people are being released from pandemic lockdowns there is a draw to go out and catch up on the times you have missed. On this episode of 360 View Scottie Nell Hughes speaks with Dr. Goerge Koob with the National Institute of Health about what is causing the rise of alcoholism around the world and what ties alcohol might have to controversial social issues like the transgender debate.

23 hrs ago

It can recreate voices, write fresh and perfect text; AI has even found a cure for cancer. On this edition of 360 View, Scottie Nell Hughes talks with lawyer and media analyst, Lionel, to discuss the various capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and asks: "Is AI growing faster then the world and the law is prepared for?"


Is it possible to be funny in today's over sensitive society of political correctness? Scottie Nell Hughes asks Last Comic Standing contestant, Kevan "K-von" Moezzi if his job has become even harder in todays day in age. On this episode of 360 View we ask... Can jokes go woke?


Ever since Covid there has been a lot of fear about another round of lockdowns. But this time it is not for a virus, but for the environment. On this episode of 360 View Scottie Nell Hughes speaks to the communications director at the American Conservation Coalition, Karly Matthews about what could be expected of a climate lockdown. International corespondent Roxana Solano shows us, while a lockdown may help mother earth, the true cost we may all have to pay!


While the concept of homeschooling is not new, there has been an explosion of parents choosing to homeschool their children since coronavirus shut down schools during the pandemic. On this episode of 360 View, Scottie Nell Hughes speaks with a Catholic homeschooling practitioner and educator, Steven Rummelsburg, about the growing number of parents around the world who are choosing homeschool versus the traditional classroom, and what this means for the future of education. Scottie and Steven discuss if a move to homeschooling is perceived as a threat by big government.