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Optimize your oral health today

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Optimize your oral health with HRS Colloidal Silver Cinnamon Mouthwash

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Support optimal oral health and hygiene with our premium mouthwash formulas

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Endocrine-Disruptor Banned From Soap Still Found in Hand-Sanitizers, Toothpastes + Mouthwashes ❗

Not only do they promote the development of drug-resistant bacteria, but antibacterial compounds such as triclosan and QACs or “quats” have also been linked to a number of harmful health effects.


Research shows triclosan is a potent endocrine disruptor that interferes with thyroid function. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals can promote a variety of health problems, including obesity, breast, ovarian, prostate and testicular cancer, preterm and low birth-weight babies, early puberty in girls and undescended testicles in boys.

Know much about CDS or people that use it?

My naturopathic doc
has used it for years.. & said, “I use it as a mouthwash.. & get it at Frontier pharmacy-
Two pint size bottles.

Can also be used as nasal inhalant..
Use it for mold infections..
“Snoot spray”..
There is a website to order that one.”

I do not believe in panaceas, but CDS potentially cures hundreds of diseases that standard medicine cannot. These include the Lyme and Covid bioweapons and vaccine-caused autism.