? For decades, children who developed autism after receiving routine vaccines have been denied justice.

Their parents have been ridiculed, gaslighted + left to cope on their own. Kids suffered.

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Only 2 cases in humans have been reported in the U.S. The first case reported they felt tired for 4 days + the second case had pink eye. ?

Meryl Nass, M.D. + James Corbett discuss the dangers of the 3 approved bird flu vaccines + warn us of the truth behind the coming “new pandemic” push.

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🚨 Whooping Cough Boosters for Adults? The Vaccines Don’t Even Work for Kids, Experts Say

“There’s no medical or scientific reason to advise giving the vaccine to any group of people for the purpose of preventing transmission to others.” — Dr. Bob Sears



NBC News this week reported whooping cough “rising sharply” in some countries and quoted experts warning pregnant moms and parents to vaccinate their kids and adults to get boosters. Experts interviewed by The Defender said the vaccines don’t prevent transmission and come with dangerous side effects.


🚨 EPA Rule Could Put Small Meat Processors Out of Business — and Leave Consumers Out in the Cold

“The cost of the regulation is what is going to run these small meat processors out of business. It is taking away Americans’ ability to choose if they want to buy their food locally." — Margaret Byfield, American Stewards of Liberty



The EPA’s proposed new limits on how much nitrogen, phosphate and other pollutants meat processing facilities can discharge into surface waters will disproportionately affect small meat processors, likely forcing many of them to close or sell out to big corporations.


🚨 MUST LISTEN: 3 medical insiders joined us this week to EXPOSE years of wrong-doing in the medical field; from conflicts of interest, VAERS reporting failures to the unethical behavior + forced narratives pushed by mainstream media.