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Vaccines that are injected into our children should undergo rigorous testing to prove safety and efficacy before going on the market.

Unfortunately, industry-funded vaccine studies are flawed and poorly designed.

Vaccines: EXPOSED ⬇️

🚨 Infant RSV Shots May Cause RSV, Other Infections or Death in Some Babies, Study Finds

In France in particular, scientist Hélène Banoun, Ph.D. said “a significant increase in mortality among newborns between 2 and 6 days of age was observed from the start of the campaign: babies were injected before leaving the maternity ward.”


French scientist Hélène Banoun, Ph.D., author of the preprint study that analyzed outcomes from the 2023-2024 RSV immunization campaign in four countries, found a “significant increase in mortality” among newborns between 2 and 6 days of age in France. Banoun’s findings suggest that antibody-dependant enhancement may be to blame.

? COMING IN SEPT: CHD embarked on a 9-month journey across America, gathering powerful testimonies — from harrowing accounts of COVID hospital protocols to tragic outcomes after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. The consistency of these stories was alarming.

Now, fueled by these powerful testimonies, we created a documentary by the people, for the people: Vaxxed III: Authorized to Kill.

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⚠️ Electric Car Batteries Polluting Air, Soil and Water With PFAS

“If we are not careful about the choices of materials and chemicals used in renewable energy technologies, then it is a concern that this may become a new source of PFAS pollution.” — Ariana Spentzos, Ph.D.


A new study in Nature Communications adds to concerns that the growing clean energy sector could harm the environment even as it strives to combat climate change, but proponents of electric vehicles said there are alternatives.