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Wall Street investment firms “have identified the drought as an opportunity to make money.” — Andy Mueller, general manager of the Colorado River Water Conservation District


Financial speculators are buying and selling rights to the Colorado River's dwindling water resources in a bid to profit as historic drought conditions lead to worsening scarcity.

“These #smartmeters are installed directly on our homes and elsewhere with no informed consent, and people unwittingly sleep or spend time on the other side of the wall and get very, very ill.” — Cecelia Doucette, a technology safety educator + director of Massachusetts for Safe Technology

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Proponents of smart meters say the devices promote energy conservation by providing detailed feedback to consumers about their habits, but critics say the technology can be harmful to health and it poses real privacy concerns.

“The science was there 20 years ago. Why is it taking so long to act on this?” — Joel Tickner, chemical policy expert, professor at University of MA Lowell

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Despite more than two decades of evidence that phthalates — which are toxic to multiple organs, especially premature infants — leach from medical devices, the chemicals are still widely used in products designed for neonatal intensive care units.