American's have been posting pictures of empty shelves from their local grocery stores all over social media. These images seem to be a replay of what we saw at the beginning of the pandemic. However, this time it is not just toilet paper and disinfectant. What exactly is causing this drought in supplies?

The Biden administration has been struggling to defend the shortages while Americans begin to grow worrisome. In November 2021, Biden's top economic advisor, Brian Deese, said the supply chain crisis is actually "a good thing."

"Americans are out there able to buy food again. A lot of these supply chain challenges are actually reflections of the fact that we are moving more goods, more products through the American economy now than at any time in history. Significantly higher than before the pandemic. That's a good thing," he stated.

Many Americans are sceptic of this explanation as lockdowns and vaccine mandates for workers around the country continue to grow. The Supreme Court is scheduled to continue a hearing today to rule on Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private businesses. Hundreds of thousands of US workers' livelihoods are on the line. With our supply chain seemingly hanging by a thread, what further implications can we expect to see with the outcome of todays hearing.