Counseled by the Wonderful Counselor - Journaling by Catherine Ghaleb Kawar

Catherine is taking the Counseled By God course from Christian Leadership University. Below is journaling from one of the lesson assignments, which she has graciously allowed me to share.

Vision: I’m a little girl and I see Jesus and I walking. Then He picks me up and carries me and I hug Him and He’s smiling. There is warmth from His embrace.

“Lord, what do You want to say concerning demonic thoughts versus the voice of the Holy Spirit within me?”

Cathy, you are sometimes distracted by the demonic thoughts that bombard your mind. And what saddens Me is there are moments you believe these demonic lies. But that’s what they are: lies. You feel unloved at times, and you start to believe it, but then the Holy Spirit within you fights back and reminds you that it is a lie and you are so loved by Me. I see at times how the negative demonic lies tire you, because you know it’s a lie. And so the Spirit of truth within you rises up to defend and speak back life and truth. And I know it is in that moment that you become aware and refuse the lies and press into My truth. You are sensitive to My voice, but the enemy tries to distract and fill you with his voice and noises. Rebuke them. Do not even give one second of pondering what lie he has thrown into your mind. Run to Me. Press into Me. I will speak and reveal to you the truth which will lead you to freedom.

“Lord, how have I allowed the voice of the Holy Spirit to speak words of life to me?”

You have allowed the voice of the Holy Spirit to speak words of life by not shutting Him out. Though the enemy tries to distract or lie, instead you fight back to tune to the Spirit within you, the Spirit of truth. My Spirit brings life and healing and encouragement. When you are down, when you are sad, frustrated… when you call unto Me, I am there to speak back life and truth. To heal what is wounded in your heart, in your emotions and thoughts. You seek Me and My words. You seek My advice and My counsel and My opinion. You seek My truth and My leading and thoughts. It is because you seek, you find. You allow Me to speak to You by not giving into the flesh and demonic works and thoughts. Keep on seeking Me. Shut out the voices of the world, and its lies and distractions and keep your eyes on Me. Keep being sensitive to My voice; and you will hear more and more of what I have to say concerning your life and those around you; so you can minister in My kingdom.

“In what areas of my life do I need to allow Him more access?”

Cathy, your pain, at times, tends to block Me out. I know you don’t mean it, but you become so focused on your pain and sorrow and sometimes, though for a short moment, you wallow in your sadness. Your pain affects everything in your life and when you allow it to have its moment, it makes it harder for you to receive My love and comfort. But I know, child, that you become aware and you then refuse it to control you, so you re-surrender yourself to Me. Don’t connect everything together. And even if those moments come, when you become aware that the pain and sadness and discouragement are taking “the lead”, then come back to Me and surrender it all. I will take care of it. I will take care of you and all that weighs you down. I will bring you rest and comfort and hope. Continue to open your heart to Me so that I can have full access to your heart. I love you and care about you.

“Where do I need to allow the Holy Spirit to speak more life to me?”

Cathy, you need hope. There is a war waging against your hope and purpose and passion for Me. The enemy doesn’t want to see you fruitful and on fire for Me, that is why he is attacking the painful experience you encountered. But don’t give him a foothold. Let My Spirit comfort you. Let My spirit heal you. Let My spirit breath life into you. Let My spirit speak hope. Hope over your life, over your ministry, over your marriage, over your family, over the church. I want you to hear and see My hope in everything. Don’t look through the lens of purposelessness and discouragement and pain and fear. Receive My love and allow Me to guide you and lead you to the still, refreshing water of life. Believe and receive and walk in the authority that I have given you as My child. Let Me speak over you words of love, words of joy and power, words of hope and encouragement. Receive it with faith.

“In what ways do I need to be speaking words that strengthen rather than pull down?”

Let it be your prayer to set a guard over your heart, over your thoughts, over your words, so that only what is good and uplifting may come out. Your discouragement and injustice makes you, at times, speak negative things over yourself and the life you live. Even if you don’t feel it, I want you to speak My truths over yourself and circumstances, and watch how the words of life you declare will soon become a conviction in your heart. Do not let the enemy and painful experiences poison your mindset and belief system, for what is in the heart will come out in words. Let your words be blessings of hope and a future, though unknown, but believe that it is a future of hope and security and strength. Repent, My child, of any negative self-vow you have spoken and begin to believe and declare words of truth and life. My promises are true, and they are yours to claim. Receive, My child. It is yours. Watch Me work through your life and through life speaking words.
Below is journaling from another weeks assignment

Date: May. 20. 2024 - Counseled By God: Exercises to Promote Ongoing Revelation at Home- #2 + #3 - LEARN notebook- Session 4- P.16

“Lord, what do You want to show me from my answers:

☑ This is exciting. ☑ A nice, relaxing evening can surely be enjoyable. ☑ I’m very blessed. ☑ That’s funny! (Humorous) ☑ I’m changing and growing by the strength of God. ☑ I’m full of wisdom. ☑ I’m surrounded by God’s hand of protection. ☑ My goals are going to find fulfillment. ☑ I’ll glory in this tribulation. ☑ God will work it out. ☑ God and I are a majority. ☑ Today is the day that the Lord has made. ☑ I can’t wait to express love to them.

Cathy, you have received My blessings to you. You have let Me be the ruler of your heart, the God of your life. You keep Me before you so that your eyes do not wander left or right. You are aware of My presence and are grateful for what I bring. You are allowing me to strengthen and change you and that is big. You are letting Me reshape and redirect your life and even who you are. I know growth is scary, I know growth is uncomfortable and, at times, it is painful. But the pain will bring forth My wisdom, if you allow it. I know part of you is hurt and still can’t receive all that I have for you. I know because so much has changed that you do not know what to think, or expect, or to even envision. I know you are afraid of the future, and at the same time, you surrender it all and just trust Me. That is what I want. I want you to surrender, not out of passiveness, but truly surrender because you know that I am good and kind and gracious. I have plans. But I know before that, you need your time to heal. So be at peace, My child. I have wonderful plans for you. There is hope before and within you. Receive My healing, My grace, and My strength. Take My hand and let Me guide you into the fullness of My plans for you. My promise to you that “after you have suffered a while, I will restore you, make you strong, firm and steadfast (1 Peter 5:10) is true and it is yours. I will bring it to pass in your life. Trust Me. Keep your eyes on Me. I love you and want to restore the joy of your salvation. Keep your head up, My child. In the meantime, stay rooted in Me, and continue to have a grateful heart.

Cathy: Lord, I receive Your love and encouragement. I will cling to You. My heart is set on You. My eyes are set on You. You are the reason I keep going. No matter what I feel or face, I know you are with Me, and that is more than enough. I thank You for all that You have done and will do in my life. I love You, O Lord my strength.

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