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He’s in the Boat – Journaling Prayer by LaWanda

LaWanda – O Jesus, precious Lord. ♪♪ I’m caught up in your presence, I just want to sit here at your feet. I’m caught up in this holy moment. I never want to leave. ♪♪ This moment is holy, Lord, because YOU are here.
I keep thinking of that Jonathan Edwards' quote, “You contribute nothing to salvation except the sin that made it necessary.” O Lord, how can we ever express our gratitude? And even though it is our sin that makes salvation necessary, I am so glad it is cast as far as the east is from the west and that you remember it no more. Now you can see Jesus in me. Now I reflect YOU! No ugly reminders. Just the heart of my Savior. Thank you, Jesus, precious Lord.

Lord Jesus, I see you in the boat today. Help me to remember, Lord, that you are ALWAYS here in the boat with me, calm seas or stormy ones. You are in the boat, Lord. Even if I can’t see what you are doing. Even if you are asleep in the bow. Thank you for the promises of God that tell me this, Lord. Help me to trust that it is so, Lord, regardless of what I am seeing. Help me to measure everything against your word. Help me to believe what I am reading there and not what I am seeing with my eyes. Thank you, precious Lord, please blow the breath of your Spirit on me now. I need your presence, Lord.

Jesus – LaWanda, my dear one, you have spoken truth in all of this. You do need my presence, my precious one. AND, you already have it. Even as I am in the bow of the boat, unseen by you, I am there. I need say nothing. I need do nothing. My presence is enough, in and of itself. O my dear one, my LaWanda, with a capital “W,” trusting what you are reading in My word is far better than trusting what you are seeing. It is a NO-LOSE situation. You already know how I consider My word. I honor it even above My name. There is nothing – NOTHING, NO THING, NO PERSON above it.

What you see with your eyes may or may not be “true”. In the natural, it is always up for interpretation and if the enemy is directing the traffic, you will think you see things that are true when you do not. So trust ME and not your own sight. You can feel good about knowing when to trust yourself if you are FIRST trusting ME! If you measure what you are seeing against my Word, you cannot go wrong. Measuring it against even more than one verse is even better. Trust the check I have put in your gut and remember… I am always in the boat!
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Set Free from Sexual Perversion – Testimony by Erroll Glee

In this 20-minute video interview, Erroll Glee shares his wonderful victory over sexual perversion as Jesus sets him free. It began in childhood and continued for many years.

If you're reading this blog in an email, click here to watch the video on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBs6rbMoIr4

His freedom involved being delivered from several demons, and then learning how to hear God’s voice and receive healing through two-way journaling as he experienced a true father’s love.

His testimony will bring hope to anyone trapped in sexual sin. He is glad for you to reach out to him for prayer counseling at shekinahcm@yahoo.com

Jesus heals the brokenhearted and sets the captive free! Each of us experiences this in whatever areas we are broken. It is a Wonderful Counselor whom we worship!

The two training modules mentioned in this interview are:
Hearing God’s Voice
• Materials only https://www.cwgministries.org/store/4-keys-hearing-gods-voice-video-download-package
• Materials plus course syllabi online quizzes, chatroom, and certificate of completion https://www.cluschoolofthespirit.com/courses/hearing-gods-voice/

Prayers That Heal the Heart
• Materials only https://www.cwgministries.org/store/prayers-heal-heart-video-download-package
• Materials plus course syllabi online quizzes, chatroom, certificate of completion https://www.cluschoolofthespirit.com/courses/prayers-that-heal-the-heart-revised/

In this 20-minute video interview, Erroll Glee shares his wonderful victory over sexual perversion as Jesus sets him free. It began in childhood and continue...



Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together with Jesus – by Linda Garmon

Linda - Lord, as I read your Word this morning, multiple Scriptures were leaping off the page at me, like popcorn when the kernels begin to pop, one, then two, then too many to count. I love you, Lord, show me what You want me to see, and please make these Words alive in my life.

Vision - I see a puzzle on my puzzle table. It is not complete yet but what I see so far makes me want to see the completed puzzle. I have no reference picture to show what it will look like when all the pieces are in place, so this puzzle is a mystery. Loose pieces are all around this unfinished puzzle. (But, somehow I know inside that none are missing). I hear the Lord whisper in my ear, “Linda, I just love working on puzzles with you.”

Jesus continues speaking - Beloved one, you cannot work on this puzzle on your own, because we are meant to do it together. Your part will be for you to continually look at Me because I am your reference picture. You will need to trust Me, beloved, keeping your eyes on Me as you place each precious piece of your puzzle in My hands so that I can fit them in their proper place. We will continue to work on this puzzle throughout your life. Then, when I finally position the last piece in place I will hold up this amazing image of the one I call “beloved.” An image that was transformed, becoming more beautiful, and more and more glorious while she looked at Me.
Linda, do you remember the day you stood in your backyard, and you told me, “Lord, my life is a broken, messed up pile of garbage, and I don’t know how to fix myself… please help me.” It has been My joy to take each one of those pieces from your hand and change them into something beautiful, for in Me, you are made complete.
Linda - Lord, thank you. I love you. Thank you so much!
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Communion with God Training in Burundi, Africa by Hae Jung
The pictures included in this original blog are at: https://www.cwgministries.org/blogs/communion-god-training-burundi-africa-hae-jung

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Virkler and CLU because through them I have learned how to hear God's voice and live by the flow of the Holy Spirit.
Receiving certificates of completion
After learning how to hear the voice of Jesus, I was able to follow Jesus' guidance and create a 45-week discipleship course three years ago. During my journaling, the Lord said that He would use this 45-week textbook among the nations. At that time, I was just a student studying at CLU and an ordinary Korean middle-aged woman staying at home. So I wondered if I had misheard God’s voice.

However, starting in January 2023, God opened the doors to the nations, and I was able to conduct a pastor's school in Burundi, Africa from the end of last year to January 17 of this year with a 45-week discipleship textbook. As a result, the Full Gospel denomination attending the school made a major decision. This denomination officially declared that they would put down the doctrines they had held on to and accept the truths in the 45-week textbook as their doctrines. All glory to God! This textbook consists of four parts: “Gospel,” “Salvation,” “Making Disciples,” and “Communion With God,” and all 50 pastors who participated in the school learned the 4 keys to hearing God’s voice and journaling.

Teaching in Burundi

Additionally, the representative of this denomination said that this truth should also be shared with pastors of other denominations, so we decided to hold a second pastors' school in Burundi from late July to early August of this year. Hallelujah!

When I learned to hear God's voice and obeyed Him, I was able to experience God working directly.
My desire I keep holding is to continue to walk with God and communion with Him 24/7.
Please pray for the success of our next school from late July to early August of 2024

Ministering to the children also


The Significance of a Day (Purpose) - Journaling by Aurora Wells

Me - Good morning, Jesus! How are you today? What are you up to? I love you and appreciate you. Thank you for waking me up day by day to see a new day and enjoy all the good things you’ve blessed me with. What a privilege! Lord, what is the significance of a day? Sometimes they get monotonous and even seem to be without meaning.

Response - A day seems like a short time to you. You wake, work and sleep and repeat. Your days are broken up by sleep, but they really never end. Your life is one long flow and stream. It’s a cord that is not broken even while you sleep. Purpose is not an end result. It’s a journey. Just like every stitch in your mom’s creations count (my mom makes beautiful crochet creations), every time you rise you are adding another stitch to my creation.

Your lives are intertwined with one another whether you realize it or not. Every decision you make affects another and so on. I enjoy watching my creation move along the seam of time. I have great purpose for each one. Some discover it, some do not. Purpose is my gift to you. When you walk in it you are fulfilled. I know you long to be fulfilled. To feel as though your life has meaning. There is an emptiness that comes upon people when they do not have it. They try to figure out how to rid themselves of the emptiness but all they really have to do is tuck themselves into me.

Everything I do you would consider purpose. I am one with my creation, all that I made. In me you will have that fulfillment you are looking for. As I move, you move in me. In tune with all. With nature, with people, with time. You will see that purpose is not an event. It’s a lifestyle. Every moment in me. Even when you can’t see it or consider it meaningful, you trust in my movement and know that you are in tune. That feeling you seek for will automatically be accomplished.

It’s not what you do, it’s where you are. In me. I’m in tune with all and will keep you in the rhythm and flow of purpose. Fulfillment is in me. I will carry you where you need to be. Effortlessly without stress and strain and worry. Without doubt and wondering. Your confidence in me and not your ability, to find and flow in purpose. All is purpose. Not one moment wasted. Find yourself in me and keep yourself there. When you complete even the mundane in me, it has meaning and purpose because it was done from Purpose. Purpose is a place. In Me.
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