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Problem: I want to be healed of fear. Fear NEVER goes away! Everything makes me afraid. I am afraid of financial ruin and declining health. I am afraid for my children and my spouse, and for our nation. I am fearful of evil men and of the antichrist, and of persecution. I am fearful of rejection, and failure. If I decide I want to pray for healing of the sick, I am afraid the prayer will not work and I will look bad, God will look bad and people will be discouraged and fall away from the Lord. Lord, help!

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Solution: Fear is a big problem. Fear is mentioned 313 times in the New American Standard Bible and unbelief/unbelieving 33 times. Fear and unbelief began with the whisper of satan, the voice of the accuser in the Garden of Eden when he said, “Has God said…?” (Gen. 3:1). He is still saying the exact same thing in our minds on a daily basis.

What Is a Heart Wound? I consider fear a heart wound. I define heart wounds as any attitude which is an opposite of faith, hope and love (1 Cor. 13:13). So fear, hopelessness and anger would be the opposites of faith, hope and love and would be considered three heart wounds (and there are others). Here are results of healing of the trauma of post abortion trauma of four women. https://www.cluonline.com/god-delivered-and-healed-these-women-from-post-abortion-trauma/

7 Prayers That Heal the Heart
I have learned to apply seven prayers to a heart wound. They are: 1) breaking generational sins and curses; 2) severing ungodly soul ties; 3) repenting of ungodly beliefs and 4) inner vows, and replacing them with godly beliefs and godly purposes; 5) inner healing to resolve traumatic pictures; 6) breaking off word curses; and finally 7) now that the demons' house is torn down, casting out demons.
Let’s apply these seven prayers to just one fear which we all likely have, “I am afraid to pray for the sick because they may not get healed.” The following is a sample only of how these prayers can be applied to the fear of praying for the sick, so let’s get started.
Holy Spirit, please guide us as we pray. Now tune to flowing pictures, flowing thoughts and flowing emotions, as these are the language of your heart.
First Prayer - Breaking generational sins and curses
(Picture your father): I forgive you, Dad, for the unbelief you passed on to me. I choose to love you, honor you and release you in Jesus' name. I place the cross of Jesus Christ between you and me, and I command all generational sins and curses of fear, doubt and unbelief to halt at the cross of Christ, and I bless that baby in the womb (me) with the blessings of Calvary. I bless you with life, with faith, with belief. Faith, come alive in Jesus' name (repeat three times). Thank You, Lord. I see Your light cascading down upon that baby in the womb.
Repeat the above prayer until it comes from your heart with flow, emotion and passion. Then repeat the entire process, picturing your mother and applying the prayer to your mom.
Second Prayer - Severing ungodly soul ties
(Picture a person whom you have a bonded relationship with, who has fed fear to you): I choose to forgive you, release you and bless you in Jesus' name. I take the sword of the Spirit (take it up in your hand), and I cut the ungodly soul tie between you and me in Jesus' name (swing your hand with the sword in it and see yourself cutting through the chain that connects the two of you). I cut it (repeat 5 times). I command all negative energy that was passing from you to me to fall to the ground. Lord, I ask that You circumcise my heart. Cut out the fear and unbelief that was placed there through this relationship, and give me a new heart, a heart of faith and belief. Thank You, Lord. I receive. I receive. I receive.
Repeat this prayer picturing others you have soul ties with whom have fed you fear and unbelief.
Third and Fourth Prayers - Repent of ungodly beliefs and corresponding inner vows, and replace them with godly beliefs and godly purposes
I repent for believing that I am alone and that God is not with me. I repent of my inner vow to protect myself and defend myself and rely on myself. I accept the truth that You are always with me, at my right hand, guiding, protecting and empowering me with Your Spirit. Thank You, Lord, for Your presence.
I repent for believing it needs to be my power and my ability that heals the sick, and my inner vow not to try as I obviously do not have such power. I accept the truth from Your Word that it is Your power, flowing through Your Holy Spirit which releases healing to the sick.
I repent for taking false responsibility on myself in the healing process, and getting all stressed out, rather than relaxing, putting a smile on my face and realizing that all I am doing is applying Your completed victory from the Cross to the situation that stands before me. By Your stripes we ARE healed! Thank You, Lord, that health has been purchased and the debt has been paid. I am freed from satan’s grasp. I bring this person into freedom and out of satan’s darkness. I release them into the light of Your kingdom. Your power flows through my hand, driving out darkness. Thank You, Lord. I receive. I celebrate, I dance for joy. You have won the victory. Blessed be the name of the Lord!
Pray the above prayer again inserting other ungodly beliefs you have which fuel fear within you.
Fifth Prayer - Inner healing
(Picture a scene where fear of praying for healing entered you): "Lord, would You please walk into this scene now and let me see You present in it, ministering Your grace and truth to me." Tune to flowing pictures and flowing thoughts and record what Jesus says and does. It will be powerful. If He touches you, feel His power enter your being, restoring and transforming you.
For example, I see Jesus walking into the traditional church where I was saved, and hearing the pastor teach that signs and miracles are not for today. Jesus is placing His hands over my ears. He says, “Let’s go for a walk. You don’t want to listen to this. It will defile your heart and mind.” So He takes me outside the church and we enjoy His creation as He speaks words of truth to me, and sets me free to believe that I am a co-creator with Him of all this wonder and beauty. He has seated me with Him to rule and reign over the earth, and He is calling me to take up that position and that responsibility, and not to live under satan's cloud of darkness and death. I say, “Yes, Lord, I will follow Your lead. I will rule with You. Together we will reign over the forces of darkness. Thank You, Lord, for this honor You have bestowed upon me. I appreciate it."
Pray the above prayer again, inserting other scenes where fear entered you.
Sixth Prayer - Breaking off word curses
(Picture the person who spoke something negative about your abilities, and this could be you): I choose to forgive you and release you and bless you in Jesus' name. I repent for believing this word curse and I break off any power it has had over me. I break off all spiritual forces connected with it. I am a child of the King. All that the King has, He has placed at my disposal. I rule and reign with Him. I speak forth His Kingdom and His glory, and His Kingdom is manifest on the earth and the works of darkness are destroyed. Thank You, Lord, for entrusting me with such awesome power and authority. I will use it wisely. I will use it only as You instruct me to."
Seventh Prayer - Casting out demons
I repent for agreeing with thoughts of fear and inadequacy which demons have placed in my mind. I turn away from these thoughts. From this day on, I will only dwell on those things which are lovely, just and pure and are in full alignment with Your Word. I command all demons of fear, doubt and unbelief to leave me now in Jesus' name and never return (repeat 3-4 times). Lord, come and fill me with Your light. Faith, come alive within my heart. Overwhelm me. Transform me. Make me a new person. A different person. A child of faith. A mighty worker of miracles that the world may know that God sent His Son and His Son is glorified by the mighty works which pour forth through my hands. Bless the name of the living Lord!
It is often wise to have one or two friends pray the above deliverance prayer over you. That was the New Testament pattern. It demonstrates humility which destroys satan’s power.
Break bondages through fasting - Some demons come out only through prayer and fasting (Matt. 17:21). Plus a 3 day water fast completely reboots your immune system (more here). https://www.cwgministries.org/blogs/fast-and-your-health-will-spring-forth-speedily

Additional Resources
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Problem: I want to be healed of fear. Fear NEVER goes away! Everything makes me afraid. I am afraid of financial ruin and declining health. I am afraid for m...