As with LGBTQiA & all done un2 Jesus's little Heaven supported innocent 1's ie: babies-kids-children-teens, STOP ALLOWING them 2 deem their gonna BRING BACK via Holy Bible's Genesis 19 of God set example 2 us ALL & U ALL deem 'live & let live' but-& claim 2 B in-of Jesus? WRONG! Cuz 4 U ALL 2 deem 'live & let live' of LGBTQiA & ALL done-ALLOWED 2 Jesus's little Heaven supported innocent 1's ie: babies-kids-children-teens = is AGAINST God-Jesus-Holy Trinity-Holy Bible, then FINE, ANY-ALL will join them all in Hell & BURN ALIVE screaming after last breath! & if Deep State-Global Elites, etc fill in blanks USA-globally TOP-down want a worse Coming of ALL out USA-global Russian roulette massacre, then FINE, so B it, HOOAH-Yippee Ki‐Yay via Jesus: MORE will B in nightmarish horror Hell & BURN ALIVE screaming than Heaven! SO B IT!