Like, HUH, ever more of human USA-globally, TOP-down ie: Deep State, techie hackers, hired killer's-murder's, USA's Congress, fill in the blank's ALL deeming, "I get $ PAID 2 B a careless-senseless literal temporary NON SELF owned via Holy Bible's Luke 9:24, dust & ash human corpse, weed of-amidst a garden TOOL until not needed NO more, EH!" Huh, SICK! 2 say the least, just truly NO word's even like Jesus said, "KNOW NOT what U humanity have done!" & Like THEM bringing back Covid vaccine's cuz THEY fell short of THEIR mark of CEASING majority of 8 billion plus USA-globally as we're majority suppose 2 B as past expected = B DEAD ALREADY, GET it?! UGH STUPID humanity! Huh ain't the truth a bitch ie: hard pill 2 swallow!

I CANNOT see YO message's, friend request's, misc cuz Sovren's website has issue's with the text is invisible, whether problem's with the Java software which helps with text wordage & visual animation's. PLEASE know of problem's, I CAN'T see, it's Sovren's website, maybe Java or misc software they got is NOT working right cuz my system is all proper so it ain't on my side - to U all who are trying to message me here on Sovren, in my upper notification's icon - where the bell is, when I go to click on the bell & scroll down, the actual text thereof is invisible & not showing any profile photo - picture of who is messaging me is not showing up neither. So best I can say is either try & message me on another of my social media profile platform's &/or try & message Sovren under their contact link at the bottom of the webpage your looking at & you can as well message: - (770) 285-7785.

Humanity itself STILL ever more worse SELF committing eternal suicide & signing it's own (species itself & individual) eternal death warrant 2 B in word's of Jesus: 'MORE B in Hell than Heaven'! & (above) deeming 2 take out & along with 'it' (above) all human-non human-Earth & off Earth 2 Hell EH; & HUH U NO CARE-EH? U will eternally WISH U had, in eternal Hell BURNING ALIVE screaming amidst YO 4ever nightmarish pain & horror! So B it! As Jesse Kelly talk show host deems this is the Age of COWARDS? Keep it up humanity!

STILL this day in Age AD & just NOTHING 2 rightly-properly show 4 itself (humanity), FINE THEN, we'll do it the hard way then, the MORE OF (than THEM) is suppose 2 mean something, CLEARLY it NO mean NOTHING as U ALL STILL got no literal WILL 2 change from past historically while Devil laughs it up deeming humanity doing it's job 4 it against God. 4ever-eternally BURN ALIVE screaming amidst nightmarish pain & horror VAST will, sigh huh SO B IT!

SIGH HUH, 4 the sole alone eternal, overall Holy Well Being sake of God, YEAH, this all connected whole FAILED idea species-humanity HAS TO GO in the worse way - there truly is NO other way as this all only Coming ends 1 way! Huh & like Jesus: 'KNOW NOT' we humanity, past-2 date tick tock 'Time' 2 STILL even MORE worse Coming cuz of U ALL majority MORE OF 8 billion plus than THEM, ALLOW it ie: YO deemed 'live & let live' & worse Coming SELF CEASE everything 2 extinction! Just NOTHING registers 2 U humanity & look around, huh STUPID!