I CANNOT see YO message's, friend request's, misc cuz Sovren's website has issue's with the text is invisible, whether problem's with the Java software which helps with text wordage & visual animation's. PLEASE know of problem's, I CAN'T see, it's Sovren's website, maybe Java or misc software they got is NOT working right cuz my system is all proper so it ain't on my side - to U all who are trying to message me here on Sovren, in my upper notification's icon - where the bell is, when I go to click on the bell & scroll down, the actual text thereof is invisible & not showing any profile photo - picture of who is messaging me is not showing up neither. So best I can say is either try & message me on another of my social media profile platform's &/or try & message Sovren under their contact link at the bottom of the webpage your looking at & you can as well message: info@isegoria.com - (770) 285-7785.

Sigh huh iight, it's THAT Time AGAIN 4 me 2 wrap up my 9-5 & settle in 4 my evening via micro TV dinner-supper-chow, old classic B/W TV shows & Alison Steinberg-OANN News & her GOD BLESS at end of show then me 2 bed & repeat tomorrow if God willing, God bless in Jesus & stay safe

I'm (me) NOT ANY 1 special-just a NObody, old tired frail dying man BUT via me daily = Holy Advocacy, all I care about is Holy Trinity & what ANY of U do with HIS Holy intel is up 2 U; sigh PLEASE use it wisely 4 YO Soul's sake - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj3jP1qDMFc

Learn all of what pc-computer keyword short cut's R if they help U as the idea is 2 save time amidst YO day thus 2 try & get as much as U can done & accomplished. & message me if U-ANY has any question's ie: if U R 1 that isn't too web techie & I can try & share with U basic helpful info that U can learn as hopefully after a period of time if U R SELF disciplined, U'll hopefully ie: (?), like a kid after trying & trying, find YO SELF actually riding the bike, misc else example's, U know what I mean.

BUT remember 2 always clear YO web-internet daily history & use pc-computer 'cleaners' ie: FREE 'Wise Registry Cleaner', 'CCleaner', misc 4 example there after B4 shutting down the-YO pc-computer 4 the day if U deem U R done 4 the day. Now when U R putting out info from YO created & archived (saved) named word document's un2 the web-internet, 2 help U save time & the process easier, U can use on YO pc-computer the keyboard short cut's: Ctrl and C key to copy text or U can just highlight the text with YO pc-computer mouse THEN right click copy THEN use YO pc-computer the keyboard short cut's: Ctrl and V key to paste (it's not permanently moving the text, it's just taking a clone of the text from YO word document to the web-internet), B it a form box, misc.