& SURE ANY 1 (TOP-down, USA-globally) can try 2 B funny deeming, U (me) know where the (local) Morgue is; huh YEA SO DO U (YO local Morgue or dig a hole 4 YO SELF), ugh LOSERS ie: THIS FAILED idea, sickening diseased-virus like itself, etc ugh NECLEUS species-humanity! WHATEVER! I'm NOT $, misc selling out against Holy Trinity & misc alike else! I dunno THOUGH I 'GET' via witnessing-seeing & hearing what ALL (TOP-down, USA-global) humanity (itself) priorities is-R ALL opposite &/or fall '!!!' short of Holy Trinity, they AIN'T mine via Holy Counsel of Holy Trinity, what do I care, I'm temp here 2 do my job then I'm out!