Revelation Redpill EP 58: Dating the Book of Revelation - The Case For An Early Date

Revelation Redpill EP 58: Dating the Book of Revelation - The Case For An Early DateScholars have debated for years about the dating of the most mysterious and mystifying book in the Bible- The Book of Revelation. The dating of this book is crucial. If John wrote the book before AD 70 and the fall of Jerusalem, then at least some of his prophecies have to be applied to the most catastrophic event to happen to the city of Jerusalem and religious life of the Jewish people in all of history. If written after the reign of Domition somewhere between AD 84-96, that would put the prophetic word well after the utter destruction of Jersualem, pointing to a future event. This is why it's critical to understand internal and external clues. We make the case for an early date around AD 64-65 for the writing of the Apocalypse from major clues hidden in the book itself and outside writings from early church fathers as well as contemporary secular historians. You won't want to miss this episode. Read More: Join the Funding For BardsNation Ministries In Flemingsburg, KY! Donate Here: AMAZING body and CBD products!!!For ALL products: Check out Barry Jones Standards Plus History Academy Resistance Chicks are PROUD to partner with ****** a FULL SERVICE precious metals dealer. Call them today 1-866-950-7776 for a free strategy consultation and tell them the Resistance Chicks sent you!Resistance ChicksP.O. Box 107Milford, OH 45150E-mail: Masfaith33@gmail.comWeb Page Rumble: BitChute: Facebook: Telegram follow here: Franksocial: Truthsocial: Clouthub: Resistance Chicks LIVE Fridays On Brighteon.TV 6:00-7:00 PM ET Sundays @5:00 PM ETUse Promo code: "ResistanceChicks" at and to save 20%Shop TODAY and Use PROMO CODE “CHICKS” to save 5%!Use visit and use promo code "RC" to save up to 66%