France May Be The First Western Nation To Have a Revolution in 2023

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What Did The Left Just Set Us Up For? An Emergency Is Coming!

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Congress Pursues Biden Family Chinese Connections; Tik Tok To Be Banned?

A recent memo uncovered by Congress reveals more evidence of the Biden family's influence-peddling and business schemes involving Chinese companies; Tik Tok hearings inspire rare unity in Congress that may lead to banning the Chinese social-media platform from the U.S.; and the French are rioting in protest of the pension-reform program that raises the retirement age by two years. Also, JBS Project Research Manager Christian Gomez discusses the latest attempt at a Constitutional Convention by way of a Congressional resolution.

Deep State Is Being Attacked On Multiple Fronts | On The Fringe

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Virtually everything the government said & did in terms of COVID was a lie, says Harvey Risch MD PhD

Mirror. SourceVirtually everything the government said & did in terms of COVID was a lie, says Harvey Risch MD PhD Quote: "“We’ve seen 3 years of lying…” “Virtually everything that the government said and did in terms of the [Covid] pandemic was a LIE.” “[CDC Director, Rochelle] Walensky just testified in the congressional hearing that… ‘We never investigated masks because the evidence for their benefit is so overwhelming.” “This was a week after the Cochrane [Collaboration] issued a 280-page report showing that Masking does absolutely NOTHING…” “Knowing that… a week later, [CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky] LIED to congress.” “All of the discussions from the government LYING TO US for 3 years over this pandemic in virtually EVERYTHING it did.” “And we are supposed to [trust them]?” Harvey Risch, MD, PhD tells Sharyl Attkisson. The full 33-minute interview is posted here: "-5G is a weapon system - Don't be fooled by the fake narrative ~ The agenda - They are destroying human kind ~ 60GHz in schools - Lena Pu and Mark Steele ~ 5G target acquiring weapon system - This is not for control but an extermination technology ~ UK Government hacked ~ Report #133: David Noakes on GcMAF cancer treatments, FDA/MHRA/Pharma corruption, & wrongful charges ~ BitChute { noakes falconscafe } ~ The disciples of Ra: The deception of "medicine", viruses & vaccines ~ Viruses don't exist ~ If you don't know what causes what they call a virus you will never know unless you read the science ~ Assembling the kill grid ~ Excerpt: Mark Steele ~ Prof. Francis Boyle "The British must not take these frankenshots"! Interview ~ The MAC phenomenon in people "vaccinated" from COVID-19 ~ Video summary of La Quinta Columna that shows evidence of genocide based on injectable analysis Illegal organ trafficking of homeless people in Texas? Same thing happened during Hurricane Katrina ~ Homeless vet killing society ~ NATO satanism, testimony, Kay Griggs: Colonel's wife tell-all, oppression, deception, secret society ~ Horus matrix at Normandy Omaha Beach Overlord D-Day 666 Cemetery satanic ritual sacrifice ~ The cover up continues - Share this with all vaccinated, who have been lied to by their doctors ~ Whistleblower: Hospitals killing for organs, "This is absolutely evil and a crime against humanity!" ~ The world must know #PureEvil #HellOnEarth ~ Bombshell: Pfizer vaccine study's massive list of "Adverse events of interest" Did he just say snake venom? - Dr Bryan Ardis talks to Right Now ~ World premiere: Watch the Water ~ Part 1/3 - Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals bombshell origins of COVID, mRNA vaccines and treatments ~ Biological weapons; Is there a link between the water supply system and the pandemic? ~ Professor Darrel Hamamoto on persecution and inquisition at UC Davis ~ The China-NHS lateral flow test, massive fraud, for those that lost work.. or murdered on COVID ward ~ COVID-19 test fraud, also carcinogenic ~ Your future The SPARS pandemic 2025 - 2028 Snuff Hill ~ Blood Hill ~ Fitzwilliam military cult ~ Troy River ~ Tent City ~ 18 Brickyard Troy Depot, Troy School, Cemetery, Discount Tire, satanic stalking, ritual sacrifice ~ Bohemian Grove Jr, Bridgewater Associates - CIA corporate front, CIA role in snuff and pornography ~ Hebron Coven ~ Part 1 to 4 of 9 ~ Body Organs Of Over 18,000 Syrian Children Sold in Six Years ~ I saw kids in cages outside a masonic lodge being loaded into trucks ~ Amazon USB key - Part 1 to 2 - CYM Adrenochrome The men on the moon