Huh like THEM (fill in blank's) B-ing like worse literal SELF 'live (however "EH") & let live' ALLOWED bullies in a classroom, ever more growing dust & ash corpse weed's of garden, ringing butler-maid-janitor bell's at each other, caring only about YO own SELF reaping-gained 'dance groove & drink' & $-money, (?) etc else of 'satin on YO panties' (as sung in a past rap-hip hop song) & U careless of that ALL individually got a WHEN IN temporary human, NON SELF owned via Holy Bible's Luke 9:24, LIFE assigned Heaven Life eternally convictable Record; UGH, just just truly NO dictionary 4 this species (itself) while Devil (defeated & 86-ed outta Heaven & brought this Holy War 2 us humanity) just laughs it up thus we giving it a endless humor show as it spites God of us B-ing a FAILED idea! Huh U humanity have GOT TA GO (Coming) in the worse way as (U individually? if Jesus deems it via YO above Record) will eternally CONVICT U-1 to eternally BURN ALIVE screaming 4EVER! Make NO mistake!