Sigh huh, past historically-tick tock 'Time' 2 date USA-globally, evil-unholy, dust & ash bleedable, weed of garden, CAN B touched-handled-ceased, THEM-THEY of Power (fill in blank's, name THEM) almost have what THEY want-need-demand, ABSOLUTE CONTROL! THEY (ie: have done-did via Jeremy Lee Renner's 'CAN'T B UNDONE' & R gonna STILL continue doing) & it WON'T stop there! The $, etc price of USA-global God given-allowed-privilege of freedom is HIGH, it always has been & it's a price I'm (dying tired frail old man, straight-hetrosexual, celibate, alpha male) SELF denyingly (& Holy Trinity WITHOUT or NEVER QUESTIONING HIM) via Luke 17:21-22 ie: kingdom of God is embedded internally within FEW, NOT ALL, willing 2 pay (do or die trying, 'WHATEVER it takes' cuz I 'GET'-realize what's solely alone at stake = angering-pissing off God BUT me NO lone wolf-ing) & if I'm R-the ONLY 1 (& above), then so B it! via my WHEN IN temporary human, NON SELF owned via Holy Bible's Luke 9:24) LIFE assigned Heaven Life Record!