SIGH as (I've?!) tried 2 repeatedly share-post via Holy Trinity's Counsel un2 my allowed, NON SELF owned via Holy Bible's Luke 9:24, eternal Soul - temporarily powering my (1's, general saying-speaking) temporary dust & ash corpse ie: like a a AAA battery 2 a old mobile AM-FM transistor radio, that THIS IS, even right now tick tock 'Time' (flies) currently-presently USA-globally is a exhibited (though shunned-ignored-resisted, misc) daily (day & night, 24/7) Holy War that Devil brought 2 us humanity AFTER B-ing defeated & 86-ed outta Heaven & ALL THIS is literally NOT suppose 2 B, NONE of it ie: humanity was SUPPOSE 2 B something else = U see what happens like LACK of 'SELF deny maintaining tight ie: housecleaning, ? misc' WITHOUT-NEVER questioning Holy Trinity what happens via cause & effect repercussion's & God's merciful patience is wearing THIN ie: sand in a hourglass via Holy Bible's Coming Book of Revelations! I told U USA-global humanity = DON'T anger HIM (God) as HE literally CAN deem scrapping ALL like used piece of paper & no have 2 even exhale-thought-blink a eye & ALL out quicker-faster than a candle!