Basic Doctrine's of the True Christian Faith - There is WAY MORE 2 the Holy Bible than the mere NEED 2 believe in Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King of Kings Jesus Christ, eternal Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God & Heaven (itself) / 3 in 1 - 1 in 3 Holy Trinity. While the basis of Christianity is faith (via Holy Bible's Hebrews 11:1) in (above), the promise of salvation is conditioned on obeying the FULL Holy Bible. Contrary 2 popular belief, 1 is - U R NOT saved (in above) the instant (immediate moment or there after) 1 - U believe. 1 - U MUST follow (though we all can & do stumble - fall as none of us humanity R perfect) above's complete plan of salvation which includes the NEED 2 repent (confess) of - from our sin's & B baptized (face down forward, NOT backwards) in the eternal Holy name of (above).