What U DON'T 'GET' via past history of say, take the actual date 12/25 = pagan practice of-with SUN god's set 4th holiday-birthday but when the people wanted un2 the rulers of that past Time, to celebrate Jesus's birth, they (past rulers) just took of what was pagan & moved it like some checker-chess board piece to that which you humanity deem as Holy Trinity. Point is, it DOESN'T matter what actual date or when HE was born, HE should be celebrated EVERY moment of EVERY day & night, THAT which you humanity DON'T do. Point being, you humanity got MUCH if not ALL, ALL wrong, DON'T truly know history ie: much has gotten lost in transition over Time, ugh, you humans with ALL YO pagan-heathen-secular misc ugh evil-unholy-immoral else. Outlaw-purge weeds of garden, misc ie: (above) of USA-global porn industry & violators 2 B CEASED immediately onsite as Mary Magdalene set the example 2 us all!