& so with ideal SRO housing as I've shared, a guest comes in front door, there's NO hanging out in lobby, 1 just goes immediate up 2 their assigned floor with 2 their room or set aside office area 4 support groups, misc, point 1 2 B about something daily SELF progress, no dead head's, U know. Huh, WHY isn't the real estate industry, ETC USA - globally, TOP - down NOT hearing, misc THIS, even for the barely still alive surviving homeless out there, cuz death of humanity IS TOP Power's agenda, evil do or die trying - 3D Printed Homes - LISTEN: https://www.spreaker.com/user/josephescalante/socal-live-3-25-18?utm_campaign=episode-title&utm_medium=app&utm_source=widget

Today, Johnny talks about how O.C. cities are suing the county over proposed homeless shelters and how 3D printed homes can be a solution. In the second hour, Johnny is joined by Mo'Kelly from KFI, to discuss the upcoming midterm elections and the decline of arts in the LAUSD.