Public International Notice: They Are Offering Our Money for Their Debts
By Anna Von Reitz

It should be apparent to everyone at this point that our public employees, foreign incorporated private government Subcontractors, have acted in gross Breach of Trust against their Employers and have acted in Bad Faith to obtain access to our credit.

Here's a detailed analogy for those who need one:

Your very wealthy Cousin disappears without a trace. After seven years, the Courts appoint you administrator of his estate. So you spend wildly on whatever you like, live it up, and have a good time on his assets. Twenty years later, he shows up and demands that his estate be returned. Both you and the Court are on the skids for it.

Then it additionally turns out that your Cousin was being kept in an offshore prison under an assumed identity the entire time and prevented from returning home. It turns out that the Courts were secretly in league with you and getting kickbacks from you. It also turns out that most of the banks were in on the scheme and making big money from your Cousin's assets.

This is, essentially, what the British Crown and the British Maritime Courts and their associated Maritime Commercial Banks did to each and every one of us.

Constructive fraud and the use of deceptive names is the main element in the set up, followed by other abundant criminality-- inland piracy, impersonation, kidnapping, human trafficking, unjust enrichment, conspiracy against the Constitutions, treason, insurance and bankruptcy fraud, barratry, racketeering, extortion, unlawful conversion, breach of trust, pillaging, plundering, illegal confiscation of private property for public debts, illegal and unlawful securitization of living flesh, counterfeiting, false imprisonment, false arrest, unlawful use of bills of attainder, criminal collusion, press-ganging, illegal conscription, entrapment, fraudulent misrepresentation, false claims in commerce, armed banditry and robbery, mortgage fraud, illegal interlocking trust directorates, monopoly, commodity and stock market rigging, identity theft, theft of intellectual property assets, illegal occupation by undisclosed mercenary forces, credit fraud, false claims on abandonment, illegal forms of usury, war profiteering, collusion to create war, illegal weaponization of nature and the courts, violation of international law including treaties and contracts and covenants, tax evasion, criminal non-disclosure, election fraud, gross misuse of public funds, trespass, murder, espionage, bank fraud, illegal surveillance, privateering, enslavement, peonage, false claim of war powers, emergency powers, and other powers never granted, embezzlement, deliberate misapplication of law, subournation, false advertising, obstruction of trade and commerce, bribery, blackmail, deceit, operating under void charters and false registrations, criminal misuse and abuse of the Title IV flag, treachery, false witness, censorship, segregation, alienation, undisclosed false claims of ownership and abandonment, illegal non-consensual and unilateral contracting schemes, false enrollment and induction, enforcement of implied contracts, usurpation --- and all accomplished under color of law by foreign Territorial and Municipal Corporations pretending to represent unincorporated governments.

The list of victims includes Americans, Canadians, Brits, Australians, New Zealanders, and the populations of all other former Commonwealth nations, the populations of seventeen European nations still under illegal occupation following World War II, Japan, and unknown numbers of other countries that have been tricked or coerced into participating in their Territorial Incorporation Scam.

The Territorial Incorporation Scam involves setting up a British Crown Corporation to "represent" the actual lawful government owed to the people, then sending in commercial mercenaries to impose the rules and taxes and other aspects of Corporate Feudalism on the law-abiding victims under color of law. The Raj in India is an example.

Their debt is insurmountable.

They've been mischaracterizing and impersonating us for their benefit, assuming control of our estates during our forced and contrived "absence", and giving themselves access to our assets and credit to do whatever they liked.

Now we have returned home, and told everyone where we've been and how we were kidnapped, trafficked, impersonated, subjected to foreign law, unconscionably registered, and how our estates have been unlawfully, illegally, and immorally plundered and pillaged by our Hired Help.

This was all done in Breach of Trust, violation of their Service Contracts, and in violation of both international and commercial law.

We are now on the Third Round of this fraud scheme.

The first time, a Scottish Commercial Corporation operated "in our name" accessed our credit and bilked investors with their Greenbacks and 1040 Bonds scandal.

The second time, a consortium of private banks deceptively calling itself the Federal Reserve loaned the interlopers credit based on our assets and they operated as the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, INC.

These organizations contrived to obtain undisclosed and unconscionable "birth registration contracts" and pretended that we had voluntarily waived our American estates, leaving them to claim everything thus "abandoned". The colluding banks gave them more credit based on our assets.

The colluding banks issued Federal Reserve Notes and United States Treasury Bonds ---only the "Federal Reserve" was not associated with us or our actual American government, and the "United States Treasury" was actually the International Monetary Fund. Again, investors were deliberately misled and everyone concerned was defrauded -- including us.

Now, in round three, they have attempted to pull off an insurance fraud based on "Life Force Value Annuities" and insurance policies based on all the "registered vessels" they claimed to own. This is very similar to the Bottomry bonds scandal of 1702, in which insured non-existent ships were "lost at sea" together with their cargos and insurance claims were presented for this "loss" on paper.

The Perpetrators also demonized carbon dioxide, a harmless and necessary gas in our atmosphere, as an excuse to promote a new taxation scheme that would tax us and our domestic animals for breathing.

In an attempt to re-establish ownership claims against us and our estates, they launched a false pandemic, and under color of law, these corporations issued mandates and executive orders and similar dictates applicable only to their own employees and actual dependents, forcing them ---and by misapplication, members of the general public --- to receive injections laced with poisons and tracking devices and patented scraps of mRNA coded to produce a harmful venom-like protein.

This was meant to yield these corporations a big payoff in multiple ways, all at our expense.

They intended to act as the patentholders of the injected mRNA to claim ownership of all the resulting "genetically modified organisms" which they pre-labelled as "transhumans". Conveniently, such "transhumans" would have no "human rights" and of course, everything they owned including their labor and their lives would belong to the patentholder.

The deliberate poisoning of the victims with substances like aluminum, polyethylene glycol (antifreeze) and graphene oxide found in the injected serum supplemented the venom-like substance encoded into the victim's genome without disclosure.

This injection served multiple purposes.

All these substances combined enabled the deployment of advanced surveillance and communication technology, which was imported into the purportedly "transhuman" bodies without disclosure. Everyone who was vaccinated now sends out an unidentified corporate cell phone signal similar to a "burner" phone.

They, together with the harmful protein synthesized by the patented mRNA also guaranteed that a large percentage of the recipients would die, be sterilized, or develop chronic pathologies -- creating a captive audience for the drug and medical services sector of the economy, and hastening the turn over of the insurance policy receipts.

All these actions and a purposeful long-term pollution of the natural environment via the spraying of incendiary industrial pollutants have been calculated to see the criminals through -- by force and fraud against innocent people -- the death of the Federal Reserve Note and United States Treasury Bond.

As with the Greenbacks and the 1040 Bonds, now the Schemers must deal with replacement of the Federal Reserve Note and the IMF-issued "United States Treasury" Bonds.

The Federal Reserve Notes must now be removed from the market and the Bonds have to be paid off somehow. So, enter the Third Round Sting Operation:

In collapsing the phony birth certificate and birth certificate bond which was backed with gold, the colluding corporations have worked together to again use our assets to pay their debts.

The gold backing the bonds used to enslave individuals under the false presumption that they were Fourteenth Amendment Municipal citizens of the United States (UNITED STATES, INC.) were returned to the USA, INC. as part of the bankruptcy settlement of the UNITED STATES, INC.

The Territorial partner to this scheme has used this gold source, which actually belongs to us, to promote a replacement currency for the Federal Reserve Notes called "United States Notes" or USNs.

They claim that these promissory notes are backed by gold and have apparently went so far as to put threads of gold into the paper the notes are printed on, which converts these "notes" into actual money. So in what sense are they promissory "notes"?

The debt is owed to us, the victims of these endless swindles, which have gripped the world along with pernicious wars for profit, ever since Queen Anne signed the Treaty of Utrecht.

We get to pay for their credit using our gold, and they'll just owe it to us -- so they imply. The rest of the world can continue to do businees with the crooks, literally using our money as their credit.

This way, the foreign investors are held harmless and the entire cost and focus of the Sting is shifted to us.

They propose to extend our credit to themselves with no granted authority, no formal agreement and nothing stopping them from going bankrupt again.

That would leave us holding the bag-- both for the overt loss of our gold and for the repayment losses that they never intend to repay.

The phony "United States Treasury" Bonds issued by the IMF they propose to pay off by forcing all the "transhuman" slaves to pay "carbon taxes" and medical bills and only God knows what else.

We are calling an end to it here and now.

We wish for SERCO to be replaced by an American Paymaster of our choosing.

We have already outlawed any repugnant ownership claims based on the undisclosed injection of patented mRNA or any DNA product whatsoever.

We don't believe in any form of human-caused climate change.

We don't agree to having our gold paid out as credit for the benefit of these criminals and we do not agree to leaving our credit under their control.

They are not the Federal Republic and cannot act "as" the Federal Republic. They do not have any authorization to issue our money "for" us or issue credit in our names.

Those responsibilities were delegated to our American Subcontractors operating as the Federal Republic under The Constitution for the united States of America, not the British Territorial Corporation operating under The Constitution of the United States of America.

The track record of the British Territorial organization speaks for itself.

They are not authorized and cannot be trusted to set aside dollops of our credit for their use, and must come back under the direct supervision of our Federation of States from which the Delegated Powers were apportioned.

We do agree to the immediate lawful conversion of their banks and courts and commercial corporations for the benefit of the victims worldwide.

We do agree to a general amnesty for their victims, many of whom were the employees of these venal organizations, but we retain the right to prosecute ringleaders and those having cause to know they were engaging in criminal activities.

We do agree to the discharge of all Odious Debts.

We do agree to the recoupment and distribution of restitution funds including asset-backed currency issued by us and pre-paid credit issued by us -- all tax and usury free.

We do agree to support international collaboration to heal our planet and our people, and to repair and remove the damage and the obstructions we have all suffered at the hands of these crooks.

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652