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International Public Notice: The Source of This Evil
By Anna Von Reitz

It's a strange list of books that on the surface seem to have nothing much to do with our daily lives, but in fact, these resources tell the tale of how our country has been overtaken by guile and corruption, who (and what) is responsible for this outrage, and they suggest --- if only by logical extrapolation --- what to do about it.

The first insight involves the formation of a separate government in a separate jurisdiction of the law, by foreign, for-profit corporations; and, a still-functioning British Secret Society founded by Cecil Rhodes for the purpose of creating and expanding the colonial British Empire worldwide:

Carroll Quigley: The Anglo-American Establishment
Carroll Quigley: Tragedy and Hope

Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor: Hidden History - The Secret Origins of the First World War

The second important insight that Americans desperately need is an understanding of the source of the Overpopulation Myth and the evils of both the Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome:

Dr. John Coleman: The Story of the Committee of 300

Dr. John Coleman: The Rothschild Dynasty

Get your feet wet with a video:


Through these works you will finally understand where the evils of the present era have been born, nurtured, and foisted off on us --- by whom, for what reasons, and how.

The politicians were bought off by the Committee of 300 and, the Club of Rome, acting as a storefront for evil elements within the Committee of 300, put it all in motion specifically to destroy the middle class of this country and to promote an agenda of global genocide.

The primary requirement to restore sanity in this world is to: seize the ancestral wealth of the specific criminals responsible so that the more unsavory members of the Committee of 300 and Club of Rome are prevented from using payola and grants as a means to pursue these insane genocidal objectives.

Just how much payola to the employees of the NIH has recently been disclosed by OpenTheBooks.com --- they were individually motivated by no less than $170 Million, while the sop to the institution topped over a billion dollars.

The second requirement is to arrest these criminals and throw away the key -- en masse. These heirs of the British East India Company and their Club of Rome pals all need to face charges for genocide, piracy, unlawful conversion, and more.

The third requirement is to expose everything they have done to destroy, steal, murder, maim, and control entire nations, usurp national governments, and corrupt every aspect of life on this planet.

We don't need the United Nations protecting the UN CORPORATION and WHO, nor do we need corrupt politicians operating a phony corporate government in a "territorial capacity".

We don't need False Narratives of any kind.

We have a complete picture of the Evil in our midst, where it came from, who promoted it, how they have funded it, and most important -- who they are.

May all their malice, greed, arrogance, uncaring, and criminality be reflected harmlessly away from their victims and may we all join in washing away the blood and misery that has been the legacy of the British East India Company, their heirs forming the Committee of 300, and their foot soldiers in the Club of Rome.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

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International Public Notice: The Reason
By Anna Von Reitz

It has been endlessly enumerated that in our research, the British have always been "at the bottom of the dogpile".

Their ubiquitous presence in every scrap, every illegal trade, every bank fraud, every diplomatic disaster, and every war for the past three hundred years --and especially during the last hundred and fifty years-- has been a cause for comment and wonder.

It begs credibility to assume that any one People on the face of the Earth could, from their relatively diminutive homeland, innocently stumble into the ground floor of every evil enterprise and situation with such utter consistency, if they were not the Causative Agent.

It turns out that unraveling the gigantic Mercenary Conflict and fraud known as "the American Civil War" requires looking at the English Civil War that rocked the world less than a hundred years prior.

It was as a result of the English Civil War and the Treaty of Utrecht that followed during the reign of Queen Anne, that a Trading Company known as Great Britain was formed, and as a further result, the Office of the British Monarch operating as "King of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales" -- in Territorial Jurisdiction -- was also created.

How many Brits, much less Americans, Aussies or Frenchmen, ever knew that "Great Britain" was a company, not a country?

And that a British Monarch was the equivalent of a Company President or CEO on steroids?

Finally, who knew that this "Monarch" functioned entirely in International -- that is, Territorial -- Jurisdiction?

This "territorial government" comprised a secondary and secret government, engaged in a realm of endeavor quite divorced from normal public cognizance and operating outside the normal law.

Finally, we have the reason why, in both Britain and America, people constantly prattle about "democracy" ---which has never been the form of government in either country.

England is supposed to be a Constitutional Monarchy and America is supposed to have a "republican form of government" under its own Common Law.

There isn't a word about "democracy" anywhere in any founding document, except in this hidden realm of so-called Territorial Jurisdiction, which is international in nature.

This, the end result of the English Civil War, is where the problem started. It created an entirely different level and kind of government operating outside the normal law of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales.

The deceit involved in forcing Territorial Rule on the sleeping General Public, via a process of impersonation, denigration, legal chicanery, inland piracy, and fraud, required linguistic acrobatics.

The word "person" would mean "corporation" for Territorial Government purposes; the word "enfranchisement" would have a double meaning involving both the creation of a franchise corporation and conferring the ability to vote for corporation officers, instead of electing public officials.

The living people might have a Constitutional Monarchy, but soon, everyone would be legally defined as being "dead at Law", and existing only as a franchise corporation of Great Britain, a Trading Company, run as a democracy under Territorial Code.

This is precisely the illegal, unlawful, and immoral means that has been used to kill -- on paper -- half the world's population, and create the most ruthless, criminal, and hidden business conglomerate in world history.

Of course, this did not happen overnight and it did not occur in a vacuum with nobody knowing about it.

A substantial number of senior government officials certainly knew about the switch to Territorial Jurisdiction and the evasion of the government's contracts owed to the people.

The compartmentalized public employees implemented the parts and pieces of the transition scheme, knowingly or not; the bankers funded it, and the lawyers planned it out so as to take advantage of it for themselves.

What started with the English Civil War, the War of the Spanish Succession, and the Treaty of Utrecht, has ended with the flaming compost heap currently consuming the world's economies and threatening all of us with nuclear war.

"Great Britain" along with its "British Empire" may no longer be operating with impunity, but the aftermath of its understated demise and its attempts to redefine itself -- and keep on operating -- have resulted in the current Mess.

It is apparent that having suffered the backlash of world opinion for the oppressions of the British Raj in India and for its Colonial Empire and its abuse of the Commonwealth Countries, the British Government made an outward show of reform, but in fact, doubled-down and replaced Colonialism with a worse and even more destructive form of Corporate Feudalism.

We suppose that having pulled the Old Switcheroo from National to Territorial Jurisdiction, and having successfully redefined the Social Contract to the disadvantage of the average members of the Public, the Perpetrators imagined that they could simply do another change of jurisdiction and transfer their government operations to the global Jurisdiction of the Air without anyone being the wiser.

Once enfranchised under the veil of commerce and commercial law, everyone (but them) could be enslaved and denigrated down another rung, deprived of more rights, and forced to live under the Uniform Commercial Code generated by faceless and unelected attorneys.

Of course, Public Law, Nationalism, and Populism are all anathema to these guilty criminals operating in Gross Breach of Trust and Contract.

Their very lives depend on the Public not waking up and not holding them to account for the things they have done "in the name of the government" -- without actually being the government and without acting under the contractual constraints of the government owed to the living people.

Their only plea can be that the people "volunteered" to do this to themselves and to their own government by signing private service contracts and enfranchising themselves, giving up their private property rights and their ability to elect their own public officials, purportedly in exchange for corporate benefits.

There are a number of problems with this legal defense, most especially the stickler that all these supposed enfranchisement contracts were undisclosed, unconscionable, and still not recognized by the victims themselves.

There's also the issue that no rational man or woman presented with the loss of all their private property and fundamental rights would agree to exchange them for paltry and arbitrary benefits funded by their own work.

Any valid contract in any jurisdiction requires full disclosure and the governments involved in this gigantic crime spree against their own people could never afford that.

Full disclosure of the actual deal, "New" or otherwise, would mean its immediate and permanent rejection by the Public, so it all had to be done under conditions of strict secrecy.

Here we have an excerpt taken from the first Will composed by Cecil Rhodes, stating that his estate legacy was to be used for:

"The establishment, promotion, and development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom, and of colonization by British subjects, of all lands wherein the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labor, and enterprise, and especially the occupation by British settlers of the entire continent of Africa....the whole of South America....the whole United States of America, as an integral part of the British Empire and, finally, the foundation of so great a Power as to render wars impossible, and promote the best interests of humanity."

While Rhode's closing statement clothes his criminal intent with some flavor of philanthropy, the ruthlessness of his own actions and the abuses that his British South Africa Company visited upon South Africa during its tenure as the "government" of that country, speaks volumes for itself.

Under Rhode's command, the vicious practice of racial Apartheid was enforced, brutal domestic concentration camps were used to subdue the native population, and British elitism reached a new zenith of despotic asset-stripping snobbery.

If the British are elite, they are elite criminals, distinguished apart from the rest of humanity by their uncanny ability to lie, cheat, steal, debauch, and betray trust without a backward glance or qualm of conscience, while maintaining a sanctimonious and hypocritical belief in their own superiority.

We don't recognize this behavior as anything superior; we recognize it as garden variety criminality and we call the British Government --- the Monarchy and Westminster --- out for it.

This world-spanning criminality has been promoted by the Secret Society envisioned by Cecil Rhodes, and it initially included Rhodes, Lord Nathan Rothschild, Lord Esher, Lord Rosebery, Lord Salisbury, Alfred Milner, and the publicist William Stead. They would later be joined by Lord Pirbright (Henry de Worms-Rothschild), Henry Wellcome (an American pharmaceutical giant) and other highly placed individuals, who would foster British Imperialism into the modern age.

These men, long dead, used their personal power and fortunes to promote evil ideas and actions which have continued long beyond their own physical tenure.

In addition to eugenics, concentration camps, racial purity, and numerous other sick and repugnant ideas promoted by this small and ruthless cadre, we have them to thank for the First World War, the Russian Revolution, the Second World War, the Spanish Civil War, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Gaza, and all the other minor wars and encroachments that have made the world unstable and miserable since the formation of this group in 1891.

This is the "small and ruthless" secret society that President John F. Kennedy spoke about just a few days before his assassination.

The Rothschilds, in particular, the British branch of Rothschilds, have been up to their necks in government influence intrigues and information manipulation since the Napoleonic Wars and simply merged some of their activities and resources with Rhodes and his group for their mutual benefit.

The only serious competition offered against these British Elitists has come from the Society of Jesus --- the Jesuits, who have embraced such concepts as murder for Jesus, in pursuit of world peace through world dominance--- the same quasi-philanthropic excuse offered by Rhodes himself.

We can safely assume that the recent attacks against the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order in particular, and such acts of terrorism as the burning of Notre Dame, have been promoted by the current version of this same evil and self-serving British Crime Club.

Neither one of these groups have ever once seriously considered that the ends do not justify the means and that world domination is not part of the natural order of things.

Whether priests or demagogues, captains of industry or world-spanning financiers, all these men have served a common evil in the name of doing good.

Good can never come from lies, force, and fear; any benefit attained by these means is born tainted and can only wither and become more corrupt with time.

This is precisely what we observe in the Halls of Academe, in the Courts, in the Churches, in the Militaries, and in what passes itself off as Government.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


International Public Notice: Fire Alarm
By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, all Hell is about to break loose --- unless we arrest the criminals and keep our heads and hearts together.


Most recent statistics show that 40 million Americans can't pay their bills, but these statistics don't begin to reveal the actual state of affairs, because these statistics are tracking the impact of inflation on people on fixed incomes, people working minimum wage jobs, and people who were "low income, but making it" just a few months ago before the Fed began cranking up its hyperinflation machine.

Those are the "new" impoverished who are seeking help for the first time from food banks and churches and philanthropic NGOs and "government" programs.

This Fire Alarm does not count the long-term unemployed (substantially unemployed for three years or more), the alienated (such as those living on "Indian Reservations") and the generationally impoverished (like those living in Appalachia who have been poor for a hundred years or more).

If you look at real poverty in America, the number is more like one quarter of all Americans below the poverty line and struggling to survive. Right now.

There are also many other strange cracks appearing in the facade of the corporate "government".

Why, you may ask, is the DOD, that is, the Municipal United States Department of Defense paying for school lunches? (Hint: Occupying forces are required to provide food, water, and shelter to the civilian populace.)

Why are all these people being imported from South America, China, and the Middle East, and being injected with the mRNA poison as a condition of being here?

They stagger across the border, accrue a tremendous amount of "book value" by being redefined as "Americans" and within seven years, statistically, they will be dead.

All their purported American estates will be up for grabs -- at least that's what the Perps who are planning on profiting from all the death and misery are counting on, along with charging everyone here for all the medical care for the dead and dying, all the disabled and maimed.

Let the arrests begin.

Let the lawsuits against the Congress, Inc. begin, along with the lawsuits now possible against the vaccine producers who no longer have any cover from calling something that was never a "vaccine" by that name.

We'll vaccinate them all, right in the wallet.

And the lawyers and judges will help us do it, because their families have been decimated, too.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


For All of You Who Hate What FAUCI Stands For
By Anna Von Reitz

This leaked audio from Congressional Hearings is so hot you will need hot pads to handle it.

It comes on the heels of the Fifth Circuit Court decision protecting the free speech rights of physicians from politically-motivated threats made by unaccountable unelected "professional boards" that were goaded by left-wing politicians to punish and censor physicians who questioned or outright denied the official narrative being spun by these bureaucrats throughout the pandemic.

Meet a frontline Medical Doctor who also happens to be a member of Congress from Georgia tearing Doctor Fauci into little tiny bits and spitting him out all over the floor of the Congressional Hearings into Covid and Fauci's part in it.

It will make you feel like your soul just got roto rootered; it will make you feel so good, so uplifted, so proud of this one man taking on the monster and showing Fauci and his whole agenda up for what it is: political coercion in the name of "science".

If you do nothing else today, watch this and take in every word, every syllable, and cheer!


See this article and over 4800 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


International Public Notice: Arrest the Criminals
By Anna Von Reitz

The answer to the world's problems is simple. Arrest and punish the criminals. Don't go to war and let them profit themselves from it --- again. Finally deal with the problem.

The world has been made miserable by these cretins for the past 300 years ever since the English Civil War, the War of the Spanish Succession, Queen Anne, the Treaty of Utrecht, and the fraudulent cobbling together of "Great Britain".

We understand that the U.S. Military is loath to arrest their own criminals, as they have been in bed with the Federal Reserve since Day One, but the facts are facts.

The next "run up" that the Federal Reserve has in store for everyone is mammoth inflation (devaluation of their legal tender) while extracting more and more actual goods and services out of the economy.

This is a crime and it has been planned with malice aforethought.

The fact that it was planned over a hundred years ago on Jekyll Island doesn't change the fact that it is a crime and a fraud scheme; in many ways, the long term and predetermined nature of the crime makes it worse.

These banks and bankers cold-bloodedly planned to defraud their customers and neighbors and country; their sons and grandsons have carried out their plan to the letter.

The plan in essence was to float (as in kiting a check) a credit system on bonding future performances of labor and services to be provided by U.S. Citizens used -- unknowingly -- as Mercenaries.

The bankers knew before they printed the first FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE that this form of currency always and predictably self-destructs and becomes worthless.

This fiat debt-credit system was imposed on purpose, with malice aforethought, to trade on the Good Names of the Americans and to silently embezzle the value of this country's assets and its people's labor.

This was done despite labor laws and other prohibitions in place at the time it started.

By 1946, the Perps simply kicked it up a notch with a crooked Government Accounting System known as "double accrual accounting" also known as "keeping a double set of books" ---and hunkered down to profit from the unlawful, illegal, and immoral conscription of millions of American "volunteers" who didn't actually, knowingly, or willingly volunteer to participate in any of this.

Going to war over this would be completely inappropriate. This requires hand-cuffs, not bombs.

As stated earlier, and repeatedly, this is a matter of banking fraud, securities fraud, counterfeiting, unjust enrichment, false registrations, unconscionable contracts and additional crimes including inland piracy, unlawful conversion of nationality, racketeering, and conspiracy against the Constitutions --- and these are all crimes.

Some of these charges are very serious crimes of state, but they are still crimes and need to be handled as such.

As suggested to Mr. Putin yesterday, Russia doesn't need to rattle any sabers or give the rats any opportunity to start the war they need to make money --- war is the primary way they make money, so they want war --- especially when they are secretly primed to open a three-front war against Russia through Germany, Ukraine, and China.

What's required is the assistance of the U.S. Military to arrest the bankers, politicians, and erring military officers responsible for these crimes, and the assistance of the militaries and police forces and agencies worldwide to enforce our Arrest Orders.

The ultimate game plan that the Federal Reserve plotters established was simply to force everyone to inequitably exchange their gold and silver and other actual physical assets in exchange for future promises to pay -- that is, the notes -- albeit, with no date for repayment, and no specific form of repayment.

Federal Reserve Notes are not negotiable instruments and have no value -- beyond being a partial evidence of the debts we are owed by these Swindlers.

Meanwhile, the Perps collected up all the gold, silver, land, patents, copyrights, labor contracts, trademarks and whatever else they could gather, knowing that when the fiat currency they floated failed, these hard assets would increase in value by hundreds if not thousands of times their original value.

Gold that sold for $28 an ounce in 1928 would be worth $2,800 per ounce, or, in their dreams, $28,000 per ounce, and guess who would be holding all the gold and other actual physical assets they purloined --- not only from the Americans, but through their European buddies, the Brits, the Aussies, the Germans, the French....

So the Federal Reserve is playing out their final vicious throw -- extracting the last gasp of "value" out of their worthless promises to pay, via deliberately increasing the rate of inflation to Weimar Republic heights. They are counting on this to drive the price and demand for gold and silver to astronomical heights, and to be sitting in the catbird seat, controlling all the gold, silver, land, labor, and other assets they purloined and swindled and embezzled from the rest of us, worldwide.

Let your investigations and arrest orders extend as appropriate to the members of the European Common Market, the International Monetary Fund and IBRD, the World Bank, the UN CORPORATION, NYSE, NYC, and the executives and board members of other corporations operating as governments worldwide.

This entire Swindle involving impersonation of living people and imposition of the improperly operated debt-credit financial system is both fraud and theft carried out under color of law, and the correct answer for it, is to arrest the bankers involved, and lawfully convert all the Maritime Commercial Banks that they have used to accomplish their crimes into Merchant Banks -- as a first step, and start returning the purloined assets to the people they actually belong to.

We have a competent and clean, new, and independent bilateral banking system ready to directly connect people and businesses worldwide. There is no need to panic, but there is a need to take action.

The Unjust Enrichment these banks are waiting for with bated breath must never reach their hands and must instead be returned to the living people to whom the assets actually belong.

The members of the British Territorial U.S. Congress and the Municipal CONGRESS are protected only insofar as the good faith performance of their job duties are concerned; as the Board of Directors and/or Board of Trustees for incorporated entities, they have absolutely no state immunity.

Please arrest those members prior and sitting who approved and sought to legalize any domestic bioterrorism program in The United States or any other country under occupation by "United States" military operations.

Please also arrest any members of these foreign Congressional Bodies who exempted themselves and their families from taking Covid-19 injections while mandating it for the General Public and members of the military.

Please also arrest any members of these foreign Congressional Bodies who have promoted and created any unauthorized "independent, international city-state" operating in the District of Columbia.

Please also arrest any members of the Executive Branch of these Corporations who have participated in or profited by the deployment of the Covid-19 injections deceptively promoted as vaccines.

Please also arrest any remaining living members of the prior Congressional Bodies who offered to underwrite the liability for the pharmaceutical vaccine producers, knowing that the corporations they represented were already in bankruptcy and could not be sued for the damages.

Please arrest all members and officers of the former and present Federal Reserve operations worldwide; these men have been the puppet masters of one of the most virulent property and identity theft schemes in human history.

Please arrest the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London and leaders of the British Crown Corporation as beneficiaries of these scandalous crimes. Similarly arrest Jorge Bergoglio in his private capacity, and Charles Windsor, also in his private capacity; these two men were the titular Principals in addition to the Lord Mayor referenced, and may be presumed to know what their left hands were doing.

Please arrest the CEO's and scientists involved in the preparation and deployment of the mRNA vaccines and all those presently engaged in attempting to deploy additional mRNA "Replicon" viruses via injection, including members of DARPA, the NIH, and FDA.

Please arrest the Directors and Board Members of the World Economic Forum and any "Future Leaders" that they placed in positions of power under false and undisclosed pretenses.

Please arrest Donald John Trump, if he has been foolish enough to accept being "King" of Israel, while operating as the Commander-in-Chief of what is supposed to be our military; he should also be questioned very closely about Operation Warp Speed and his part in it.

Please arrest anyone involved in setting up a new corporation calling itself "the American Government, Incorporated" or any similarly named entities designed to impersonate our lawful government.

Please arrest Joe Biden who has been operating as "President" of the White House Office, Inc., long after any pretense of legitimate office connected to the former UNITED STATES, INC. was gone. He is to be prosecuted for election fraud, profiteering, abuse of office, criminal commercial activities, and other crimes.

Please arrest Benjamin Netanyahu for his part in these criminal banking fraud operations and both prior and present genocides, stock market manipulation, money laundering, and crimes of state.

Please arrest the executives and board members of Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Monsanto, Bayer, and any other pharmaceutical corporation having any part in poisoning anyone or else altering the natural genome of anyone without their fully informed consent.

Please inform the President of the Philippines that the American Government never went anywhere; the good decent people of this country still exist. We are not absent; we have been misrepresented and impersonated, lied to and lied about, but we are still here.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652