International Public Notice: They Have No Gold
By Anna Von Reitz

The simple fact is that all physical assets belong to physical living people. The Law of Kinds is invoked.

Only men and women have gold, silver, land, soil, water, air, indeed all the material interests of this planet belong to people, not persons, and can only belong to the living people.

Any provision we make for corporations to own anything extends to their right to exist and conduct business "for any lawful purpose". Legal purposes are disallowed.

Persons, mere humans, working as public employees and institutions have tried to insert themselves as middlemen and purloin the rights and assets of the living, but this cannot be permitted.

And this is the issue at Law that our own courts which have superior concurrent general jurisdiction have answered; we do not choose to let our public employees represent us in the matter of our physical assets and credit derived from our physical assets.

Our country and its fifty nation-states are fully endowed in all jurisdictions and have sent our lawful Fiduciary to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) according to our Law and Custom -- with reference to accounting due on land jurisdiction assets owed to Americans by the 63 central bank members of the Bank for International Settlements -- which includes the so-called Off-Ledger Accounts and Legacy Trust Accounts; there are no Legal Persons authorized to distribute or claim or use our gold, silver, land, cash, or corporate holdings and no current contract allowing their use or distribution.

This should be of concern to the whole world, as our resources have underwritten all trade and commercial transactions in the Western World and part of the Eastern Hemisphere, too, for more than a century. An accounting has been due from the Global Federal Reserve since 2005, and other banks are similarly overdue.

The U.S. Congress has no gold of its own and has merely purloined credit based on our assets for over twenty years, based on the False Presumption that we have been silent and therefore allowing them to spend our credit willy-nilly on genocidal pandemics, wars for profit, and other atrocities -- which is simply not true.

We fully respect both international and domestic laws against genocide and against criminality of the kind that has been fostered by these Legal Fictions and their Persons, and we have been steadily, determinedly, trying to gain the cooperation of the banks in addressing this gross malfeasance and misadministration of our assets, including our credit.

The idea popularized by the late-Queen's Government and the Government of Westminster ever since the bankruptcy of the old Federal Reserve System, that we have been "absent" or failing to do our part to manage our own business, is countermanded by a long list of court and administrative actions that admit that: (1) we are present; (2) we have the right to the assets and their administration; (3) the central banks have been continuing to discount our claims in the face of supreme court rulings and circuit and federal court rulings proving that we are the Parties having all survivorship interest in the Estates we have referenced.

To avoid chaos, we have requested a simple accounting of our deposits with the central banks as a prelude to negotiations and stipulations that will allow us all to proceed on a firm and realistic footing.

Our gold and silver, our cash assets, our land assets, and corporation holdings must be held harmless.
There has been no contract allowing the banks to do what they have done since 2005.

All of these holdings are ours and are under the direction -- not of Congressmen acting as "Representatives", but instead, are directly the responsibility of our Fiduciaries and our unincorporated Holding Company, The United States of America.

The assets of the Avila Family Trust are likewise under the care and direction of living men and women, not Human Persons, and not incorporated Legal Fictions of any kind.

This should be understood and accepted by everyone reading this, as it stands to reason that the three-dimensional world cannot be made to serve a realm of two dimensional fictional reality; the creation is never greater than the Creator.

It would be a strange thing, indeed, if we were to hand over our most precious possessions and future to the care of Foreign Persons hired to provide certain stipulated services, none of which include any administration of our property and estates.

We deny any contract with any Maritime or Admiralty or incorporated Church authority claiming a public or private interest in our Estates and/or Deposits related to our physical assets and credit derived therefrom.

It is self-evident that our names and authorities have appeared historically and that our methods of doing business have stood the test of time without reference to any foreign power, much less such power as may be granted to foreign corporations in the business of providing essential government services.

We repeat the obvious: neither the British Territorial U.S. Congress, nor any Congressman belonging to this Body Politic, nor any General or Admiral or Representative Person, has any gold of their own to offer, and therefore, no say in what we choose to do as men and women taking action with respect to our own physical assets.

Both the assets and the credit derived from the assets belong to the actual Inheritors, Survivors, Progeny, Donor-Beneficiaries -- all living men and women without exception.

We therefore call upon all recipients of this message to honor the facts and the Law of Kinds, the signatures and powers firmly attached to the multiple and irrevocable general Powers of Attorney, the Swift Messages that were sent to all the Central Banks by the M1 Authority, and court rulings that support our position. We are available to meet with representatives of the Bank of Internationals Settlements and its members.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652




International Public Notice: Plain Speaking
By Anna Von Reitz

We and the living people we represent and those unincorporated institutions of the living people that we own and represent, are the long-lost owners and possessors, the Donor-Beneficiaries, the ones who hold the only survivorship interest in all these named Estates, Trusts, and Legacies.

We own the Federal Reserve Banks -- all of them.

They were all in gross debt to us and still are. They are insolvent by definition and we foreclosed and we hold all the cured UCC-liens and other options regarding them.

There is, therefore, no need for any "correspondence bank" as all banks in the system are by definition our banks and we hold superior concurrent general jurisdiction. We can operate freely on air, land, and sea.

We, the living people, own all survivorship interest in all the off-ledger assets that are the asset backbone of all 63 member banks of record in the Bank of International Settlements.

Trying to impersonate us has not succeeded and will not succeed in future.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652




International Public Notice: Identity Theft Via Substitution (Part 3)
By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals

It may seem like there couldn't possibly be more to this stinking onion, but there is, and if possible, it's even worse and more demoralizing, because it involves a religious institution famous for preserving and preaching the Gospel: the Roman Catholic Church.

What we have described thus far is the creation of a Public Trust Interest in private property by a foreign government -- an Ownership Interest which is used to pillage, plunder, coerce, and defraud the actual owner under color of law.

That is bad enough.

What we have to deal with next in reference to the Roman Catholic Church is the creation of a Private Trust Interest in private American property by a foreign government known as Vatican City.

In some ways, it is much the same spiel.

The British Territorial United States Government claims a public interest in "abandoned" American Estate property using the mechanism of undisclosed and unconscionable registration of American babies as chattel assets.

The Vatican City operatives claim a private trust interest in the estates of purportedly dead American babies that they consistently describe as stillborn fraternal twins.

It turns out that the "stillborn fraternal twin" amounts to the placenta and Afterbirth material, and that this whole "tradition" goes back to the time of St. Thomas Aquinas, when people were superstitious and didn't know or understand what all this extra material was.

This "twin" described by Pope Boniface VIII as a "human creature" always arrived with a baby. It started out with a heartbeat and shortly after delivery, it died. So they attached whatever name the parents gave to this "baby" and gave it a Baptism while the heartbeat was still present (if possible) and then almost immediately after, performed Last Rites.

And they set up an infant decedent estate in the name of the "lost" fraternal twin, which also happened to be the name of the surviving twin brother.

Sound familiar?

The government charlatans just adapted their version of the Roman Catholic playbook, which the church had been using for several hundred years.

This accounts for the incredible alacrity with which the placenta and Afterbirth material was always removed and shuttled away from the Mother in Catholic hospitals, such that most women never even saw the placenta -- at least that's how it started out.

Now, we know what a placenta is and what the Afterbirth materials are, so there is really no excuse to carry this tradition on; the most recent testimony and evidence suggests that this stopped being the practice in the 1970's in this country.

Instead, even worse things happened. They seized upon the DNA of the "stillborn fraternal twin" that has the same name as the surviving brother or sister, started selling the placenta, umbilical cord, and other Afterbirth material for scientific research, stem cell culture, food "additives", and even dog food.

Remember the Municipal CORPORATIONS named after the U.S. Citizens ---which were named after the American babies? The slaves?

All those slaves represented as Municipal CORPORATIONS were bonded at "birth" by the Roman Pontiff, who issued a gold-backed bond on the estimated lifetime value of the "child's" labor which was securitized as an asset backing these performance bonds.

These CORPORATIONS representing slaves were created by the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE and then permanently domiciled in Puerto Rico, where the British Commonwealth of Puerto Rico still provided access to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

The Income Tax started out in the early 1100's as a special collection offering of the Roman Catholic Church called "Peter's Pence". It was used to pay the cost of the Crusades. It was collected once a year on April 15th by members of the Dominican Order --- the Inquisition, under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

That's why they domiciled all these CORPORATIONS named after U.S. Citizens who were named after American babies, in Puerto Rico, so they could continue to access the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

This is the mechanism underlying the Federal Income Tax, which started in this country as a kickback tax imposed on the slaves for the privilege of Federal Employment.

The Roman Pontiff wanted his fair share of the value of his slave's labor, and the British Territorial Government running Puerto Rico wanted it's share, so to collect this they had two Federal Agencies, the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service, both, deliberately misaddressing the American victims of this identity theft, impersonation, and substitution fraud scheme.

To this day, Internal Revenue Service billing statements are sent to clueless Americans via the Royal Mail Service, and IRS billing statements are sent via the USPS -- and all of this is deliberately misaddressed to us as U.S. Citizens or US CITIZENS known to be citizens of the United States under the Diversity of Citizenship Clause -- who just happen to have the same -- or what appears to be the same-- name as we do.

These schemes run in tandem.

If you don't answer the correspondence from the IRS, they'll send you a bill from the Internal Revenue Service, and once again, all of this is based on the fraudulent securitization of an asset -- your labor -- which belongs to you, but which has been secretly "attributed" as belonging to the estate of your "dead" brother or sister.

No matter which agency, IRS or Internal Revenue Service, makes the score, the split is the same: 60% to the Vatican, 40% to the British Monarch.

It's the same thing with the Birth Certificate Fraud and the Baptismal Certificate Fraud (which claims to own, buy, and sell your soul as an asset pledged to the Roman Catholic Church) -- a 60:40 split.

These "clearinghouse certificates" are issued each time another registration and assignment of ownership interest and change of jurisdiction occurs, and they are given to your parents like a "coat check" to legalize what the Vermin have done.

As Americans are never given any disclosure about any of this, they think the "Birth Certificate" is just a harmless public record of the event of a baby being born. They don't know that it represents a purloined interest in their assets and the assumption of debts related to foreign citizenship obligations and pledges that were made "in their names" by Third Parties or contracts owed by foreign Legal Fiction Entities that have been named after them for purposes of impersonation.

All these are "private contracts" with Legal Fiction Entities named after you, Legal Fictions which are used to impersonate you without your knowledge or consent.

You never knew about the U.S. Citizen named after you, because that was a totally unconscionable contract, so, you never knew about "his" ESTATE contracts with the Roman Pontiff, either.

The whole scheme was designed as a black box within a black box, with deliberate misidentification and impersonation at the heart of it.

At every step, Joe Average American has been nailed down to suffer and slave for the obligations of all these foreign "citizens" named after him, all Legal Fictions that don't even exist.

It's a completely evil and vacuous system built of lies, paper, and hot air, yet this "System" has continued to exist behind the scenes ever since the First Crusades, when Roman Catholics lost their minds and actually believed that "Killing for Jesus" made sense.

So expert and pernicious are these identity thieves and "human" traffickers, so slickly efficient are their bill collectors, they put on a show in courtrooms to make it look like all this is "official" and yet, they are operating under color of law and conditions of deceit and the characters they address aren't real.

It is all designed purely and simply to defraud the living people, to purloin or outright steal their assets and their credit for the benefit and use of Third Parties. These are, whether we like it or not, the practices of organized crime syndicates.

And once again, the BAR Attorneys are smack dab in the center of it, playing the games and committing the personage necessary to defraud and steal the assets and the credit belonging to the living people.

Now that this has become common knowledge, the Corporate Vermin responsible have tried one more desperate, vile, criminal gambit.

First, they "redefined" us as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, next they "redefined" the U.S. Citizens as Roman Catholic-owned Municipal CORPORATIONS, and now, they have tried to redefine everyone who got a Covid 19 injection as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) owned by DARPA under patent, and licensed to Microsoft, Inc.

We don't need to tell you what we think, because we already published and issued the first new Public Law in America in over a hundred years. Our States, the actual unincorporated and sovereign States of the Union, outlawed all such claims and patents, by Roll Call Vote of our State Assemblies.

We, individually and collectively, are owed all right, title, and interest in our names and our natural estates, all vested and physical interest in our assets, and we hold the unique survivorship interest in our named estates and country, our Union States and our States of the Union, our public and private property and assets of all kinds, including but not limited to our credit.

Our courts hold superior concurrent General Jurisdiction over all Americans and all American assets, so it's time for our foreign public employees to wake up and drop the false patent claims, the false registrations and all the rest of it.

We are not the Enemy; we are their employers. We are the source of their job security, their pensions, their homes and everything they own. We are the source of the credit they use in place of money. We are and we own the assets that they depend upon.

These are circumstances with which we must contend and the claims we must advance in every jurisdiction and at every level, until we regain recoupment and restitution for everyone who has been harmed by these fraud schemes and usurpations by foreign corporations masquerading as our government and acting in their private interest under color of law.

We, the living people, are the actual owners of the gold, silver, land, cash, and corporate assets held in the Global Collateral Accounts; we are also the source and owners of the labor asset resources, patents, trademarks, copyrights, performances and intellectual assets.

We are done with evil. We are done with being bullied and misrepresented by our public employees. And we are definitely done with the disservice of the Maritime Commercial Banks -- especially when we own the superior claim on everything they pretend to own.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652




International Public Notice: Lincoln's "Nation"
By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals

It was my Grandmother who first rolled her eyes toward the heavens and squinted when I brought home an invitation to a "Lincoln Day Dinner" --- a potluck, being hosted by the local Republican Political Party as a fundraiser for their candidates.

She didn't like Lincoln. No American who actually knew the man did, and everyone winced at his nickname, "Honest Abe", because it was a cynical comment on his true character, which was the exact opposite of his sanctimonious public persona.

Today marks the 215th Birthday of this consummate Swindler, and to this day, even Wikipedia tells us that he was born at "Sinking Spring Farm, Kentucky, U.S."

This is a veiled disclosure of what every American should know about Lincoln. He was born as a Territorial Citizen -- a U.S. Citizen, an Englishman here under the auspices of the Residence Act. Not only that, in 1834, he was admitted as a full member of the Illinois Bar Association.

Lincoln was completely, fully, admittedly, in your face a Brit, a devotee of her Royal Britannic Majesty, Queen Victoria of England --- and had been since birth.

Abraham Lincoln came from an old English family whose Hallmarks still stand in Lincolnshire in England; they made no bones about where they stood during the Revolution ---they were avid Tories who fled to the hinterlands of Kentucky to escape persecution after the Revolutionary War.

This is who Abraham Lincoln truly was, yet virtually nobody in America knew this about him; it was certainly never exposed in any of his electioneering efforts, nor discussed during his Presidency. It has been firmly suppressed ever afterward, but Lincoln himself made no big secret of it.

He was, after all, a registered Bar Attorney, and he remained so all his life. Like Hiram (Ulysses S) Grant, his favorite General, Lincoln was a Queen's Man from Day One of his life.

His position as a Bar Attorney also clearly discloses the nature of his "Presidential Office" as that of a President of a foreign British Territorial Corporation that was already running as "the United States of America, Incorporated" prior to the Civil War --- the same corporation that Lincoln bankrupted in 1863.

We say this because Lincoln's position as a Bar Attorney disqualified him from serving as either the Federation President or the President of the American Federal Republic created in 1787. Bar Attorneys were prohibited from holding these offices by the Titles of Nobility Amendment added to the American Federal Constitution following the War of 1812.

So the only "Presidency" Lincoln could hold was as President of the first version of the United States of America, Incorporated -- a British Territorial Corporation.

Jefferson Davis clearly knew all of this, though he was under pain of death not to speak about it, when, after the surrender of Lee's Army, he said, "The truth will out." -- and it has, almost a hundred and sixty years later.

That this Great Lie has survived for sixteen decades and six generations of Americans is a testament to the black depths to which the "Cloak of Secrecy" has been maintained by the Officers and General Staff of the occupying U.S. Army, the British Government, the British Crown, and the Popes ever since.

Grant, like Lincoln, came from an old British family of Tories who fled to the wilds of Ohio after the Revolution, so the two men had much in common, including a long list of inherited family grievances.

Lincoln's early poverty, like Grant's, was due to their -- in Lincoln's sardonic phrase -- "failure to inherit" the land and other property once owned by the families.

They were both precluded from ever actually owning land in America by the changes wrought by the Revolution and had to be content with having their property consigned to a Public Trust held by the British King, who, as it turns out, claimed all right, benefit, and interest as they were considered his Wards, owing him everything they owned as war reparations for his expenses conducting the British side of The War of Independence.

Curiously, neither Lincoln nor Grant appear to have understood that it was King George III who actually reduced their families to penury, not the victorious Colonists.

The former Colonists were only acting under contract to collect King George's war debts from his Torey supporters, which made it look like the cruel impositions and losses visited on the Lincolns and the Grants were caused by the Americans -- when in fact, they were a result of the greed of King George III.

Be that as it stands, Lincoln and Grant both grew up on stories of all the vicious things that happened during the eight long years of The War of Independence and all the terrible losses of property and social status their families suffered as a result.

Lincoln watched his Mother die in terrible poverty, knowing that less than a hundred years before, she would have been a grand lady with vast swaths of land and cattle and every sort of wealth, if only the Americans hadn't won the war.

Nobody knows why Hiram Grant changed his name to "Ulysses S" Grant during his tenure at West Point, but it is actually clear enough. It renders his name using initials as: "U.S. Grant" -- an obvious reference to the loss of British Territorial United States land grants suffered after the Revolution. The "S" doesn't actually stand for any name, like Solomon. It's just an "S" and "U.S. Grant" is a nom de guerre in a private war seeking vengeance against the victorious former American Colonies.

To this day, an immense portrait of Lincoln stands in the Middle Innes of Court in the Inner City of London and he is one of the most famous members of the British Bar Association, as a result of his service in America -- serving to bring our country back under the British bootheel. The entire Lincoln Memorial is a further testament to the gratitude of both the Queen and the British Crown.

They didn't really win any "war", because the whole dreadful misery of the so-called Civil War was a Mercenary Conflict; but, it gained the Perpetrators what they really wanted -- a disguised foreign British Territorial occupation of our country by what appeared to be our own military forces.

Like everything else that Abraham Lincoln accomplished via semantic deceits and constructive fraud, he had unlawfully converted our American Military Forces into Mercenary Forces, to be bought by the highest bidders, with no apparent changes to the insignias, training, or storefront mission.

And now, all this fraud and force has come to roost for what it is: crime.

Abraham Lincoln's most famous and high-sounding doggerel, The Gettysburg Address, turns out to be an insulting and ultimately deceptive screed when read from Lincoln's own standpoint as a British Torey.

The sacrifices at Gettysburg were never about black plantation slavery in Lincoln's mind; they were about birthing a new "nation" -- a British Territorial nation, with franchises in every State of the Union.

In view of the content of the last three International Public Notices regarding Identity Theft by Substitution, Parts 1,2 and 3, it should be apparent just how successful Lincoln and later, Grant, have been; the part that the BAR and Bar Associations and their members have played, the compromised position of the "U.S. Army", the British Scheme to impose British Territorial Regimes (equivalent to the Raj) on all the other countries they could subourne, and the ultimately criminal means they have used to secure their positions by means of fraud, human trafficking, impersonation, and "courts" that are not judicial courts, are abundantly clear.

All of this has been promoted by pretense of war.

The leaders of the Bar Associations were informed by Lincoln that they were at war. Similarly, the leaders of the Bar were informed in the same way, by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that they were at war in the early 1930's. They were given to understand that this war required them to entrap, enslave, punish, and otherwise wreck havoc on us, and that their actions would be protected as exigencies of war.

In actuality, there was never any war; there has been instead an endless stream of Mercenary Conflicts, something that Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara finally admitted in public during the "Vietnam Conflict".

Thus, our nation and our public have been criminally and infamously undermined by a foreign nation and a foreign public under contract to provide us with "good faith service".

We, ourselves, have been deliberately misidentified, falsely registered, impersonated, obligated and persecuted under these false and unconscionable pretenses under color of law by the same foreign governments and corporations that have perpetuated these practices and these gargantuan fraud schemes against the living people of every country and nation.

The late Queen, Elizabeth II, served as the "Chair of the Estates" created by these criminal practices of constructive fraud and impersonation.

Not only our country, but many others have suffered the predation of this consortium of corporate and mercenary interests.

Mahatma Gandhi, a trained British Barrister, smelled the stench of this corruption in India, which led to the ouster of the British Raj, but somehow did not alert the rest of the world to the existence of this same criminal misadministration and misappropriation in other countries.

What happened to us and to India has happened to many other countries, as transnational banks in league with these corporate interests have supported the constant fomenting of war for profit and political usurpation for profit throughout the world.

To date our country, all former members of the British Commonwealth, all of the illegally occupied (still) countries of Western Europe, Japan, many countries in Africa, and several countries in the Mideast, have been affected and infected by these same criminal actors and their practices.

This has led to illegal monopolization of information, currency supplies, natural resources, labor resources, and commodity markets worldwide.

This same group of British Bunko Artists and their colluding monopoly of Central Banks designed to rig supplies of all important commodities including money, are even now sponsoring upwards of thirty (30) wars for profit, most infamously the genocide taking place in the Gaza Strip, the War in Ukraine, and the travesty taking place on our southern border, but let us not forget the twenty-plus "wars" and incursions in Africa, incipient wars in the Middle East, and more wars slated for Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia, where they hope to wipe out up to 90% of the population preparatory to "giving" the Continent to China.

We would like to know by what possible right or rationale any of these actions are being taken and supported by anyone with either a brain or a heart?

These are criminal acts undertaken by criminals misdirecting mercenary forces populated by men and women who don't even know that they were hired as mercenaries.

We have requested a validated accounting of all assets on deposit with the member central banks of the Bank for International Settlements -- all accounts belonging to this country and our people must eventually be accounted for, but for starters, we are claiming and demanding the survivorship interest in all accounts owed to The United States of America and all the Code F.L.A.T. accounts owed to one of our Nationals, Julius Demitrius Shiva, also known as Julius Demitrious Shiva.

These assets and accounts have been misrepresented as belonging to the phony constructive "Estates" and "ESTATES" created in our names as described in our three prior International Public Notices: Identity Theft Via Substitution, Parts 1, 2 and 3 -- purportedly in the absence of unknown heirs or missing parties and as "abandoned assets" left on deposit -- and these False Claims have been asserted by the same characters who have brought all the rest of the misery and calamity on this planet to fruition.

This commandeering of our private survivorship interest in the Global Collateral Accounts and the accounts belonging to this country's actual Government, is one of the primary ways that the colluding banks, corporate interests, "warring" Bar Associations, and misdirected military efforts, have been funded.

These corporate crime syndicates have been unlawfully, illegally, and immorally locking down our assets and misusing them under all these False Pretenses, illegally securitizing our living flesh and labor assets via semantic pretenses, and generating huge amounts of credit for themselves by pretending that our assets are part of fraudulently constructed and unclaimed Public Trust Accounts and similar fraudulent private trust accounts promoted by the "secular side" of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Bank for International Settlements and its member banks, have all knowingly or unknowingly, participated in these fraud schemes against us, and are now being called upon to come clean.

The Americans in the various "United States" Military Forces are being called to honor their Oaths to protect and defend us against "all enemies, foreign and domestic".

The world's International Courts and Tribunals, the members of the International and National Bar Associations, the members of the National Governments that remain, all the living people of this planet are being called to take action to bring an end to this insidious evil in our midst.

Members of the Bar Associations -- you have been lied to, used, and betrayed. Justice has been betrayed. These corporatists have made a mockery of your calling and used you to inflict crimes of infinite variety on innocent people who never owed the British King or the Pope a dime.

Members of the world's Police Forces -- these criminals have likewise made fools out of you and risked your lives in the cause of injustice and criminality.

People of the world, arise and awaken, you have been the victims of murderers and thieves posing as your lawful governments.

Just as Gandhi observed, so we observe, that the Raj organizations infesting our nations really have no right or cause to be present here. Just as in India, the British Bunko Artists are here by virtue of a residency agreement (Residence Act) allowing them to be here to provide specific services, and they have grossly imposed upon our hospitality.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652




International Public Notice: Federal Agencies and Proper Language
By Anna Von Reitz

It has already been said that there is no "State of Israel" associated with our country nor with our States of the Union.

Please reference what a "state of state" is provided by the Definitions of the Uniform Commercial Code.

A state-of-state is not a state, and should never be confused with one or referenced as "a state" or as "a State", because to do so is a deception, and it results in fraud and misunderstandings.

This has been an issue since 1781, when such Confederate States-of-States organizations began to be called "States" though in fact these business organizations are not States and have no physical character, but are merely instrumentalities under contract to provide "essential government services" as referenced in Article IV of all Federal Constitutions.

As an example, the State of California is often referred to as "the State" or "California" when in fact it is neither; the State of California is a corporate franchise of the United States of America, Incorporated, a foreign British Territorial organization in the business of providing government services.

Failure to correctly identify states-of-states, and to realize that these foreign Legal Fiction Entities are not States of the Union can be used to promote all sorts of mischief.

Israel, Inc., may well be a franchise of the United States, Inc., or the United States of America, Inc. or it may be that the State of Israel, Inc., is a franchise of these or other deceptively named parent corporations, but in no case is Israel a State of the Union nor even a state-of-state associated with our country.

With the end of the Balfour Declaration the 99-year lease provided by the British Monarch to Jacob Rothschild ended.

Instead of seeking a peaceful rehabilitation of the originally tolerant sharing of the land that was typical among Jews, Christians, and Muslims living in the region before the meddling British Protectorate, the present Israeli government has chosen to attack with declared intent to genocide its Muslim neighbors living in the Gaza Strip.

The only known provocation for this atrocity is the discovery of oil in the Gaza Strip, making acquisition of this formerly disregarded and marginalized area an economic priority for the Netanyahu Administration.

In the midst of this, we have the purported "Pope" telling Catholics to open their hearts to Satan and to pray to Satan for true enlightenment, and in several recent diplomatic broadcasts, we have Mr. Netanyahu seemingly saying that Jesus is the Messiah and that Jews must eventually realize this. These facts only underscore what we have already surmised: Netanyahu is working for the Pope.

So now, for apparently commercial reasons, we have the Pope selling Satan and Bibi Netanyahu selling Jesus; and they are even trying to sell us and the rest of the world on the idea that Israel is one of our States.

Obviously, they intend to try to embroil our country in their corporation's dogfight, using the completely specious idea that Israel is one of our States.

The Pope's former Municipal Corporations that are all recognizable by the fact that they use what appear to be acronyms as names, for example, FBI, CIA, FEMA, DHS, DARPA, DOT.... such that we call them the "alphabet soup agencies", have been sold off to Blackrock or other large corporate umbrella organizations or given to China by the Bankruptcy Trustees handling the recent Chapter 7 dissolution of the UNITED STATES (Incorporated).

None of this has anything to do with us or our country, despite causing havoc and opportunistic attempts to defraud our people and present chaotic conflicts of authority among agencies that never had any authority to begin with.

It is important to realize that the so-called Federal Agencies have all been created since the Civil War by foreign corporations, and they have been hired as subcontractors by these foreign Municipal Corporations as workers -- subcontractors of subcontractors.

It's simple enough to understand. We hire Ben to do some work for us, and Ben then hires John, Fred, Cleo, Clyde, Bob..... and their various organizations to do the work.

The DOJ, FEMA, DOT, DOD, DARPA, FBI, BLM, are all Subcontractors of Subcontractors, and they have been unlawfully and illegally exercising delegated powers that were never delegated to them.

This malfeasance and misadministration is part of the complaint which we brought before the former owners.

Our country is in fact a consortium of separate and independent States bound together by mutual assistance Treaties and Compacts. King George III signed individual Treaties with each and every State of the Union. The only way to become a State in our Union of States is via the Organic Law known as the Northwest Ordinance, followed by enrollment as a State of the Union.

The actual American Government is not vested in the Federal Subcontractors at all.

They are hired to work for us under separate service contracts called Constitutions. Their Agencies have no direct contract at all and are or have been in the past, working for our Subcontractors.

Thus, after the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES the NSA (National Security Agency) is working for new bosses at this time and appears to be controlled by the Mossad. They also appear to be using the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to justify setting up a second military in this country, complete with military tribunals --- with what authority and to address who or what?

As we have no contract with the NSA and no reason to allow them to set up shop on our shores, much less allow them to create a mercenary army in our midst, we wish for them and their promoters to be gone, along with FEMA, and any other former Federal Agency that is misbehaving and acting under color of law at the behest of new corporate owners.

Anyone intending to use former Federal Agencies as cover for insurgencies in this country needs to think twice -- for it is within our direct power to prosecute former Federal Agencies as foreign criminal organizations and the NSA and FEMA and DOD and DARPA are all already under investigation for criminal conspiracy related to the Covid 19 debacle.

The pretensions of authority these organizations project were never valid and aren't valid now. The effort to connect them with our government by association has failed.

Just as a state-of-state is not a state, a Federal Agency is not a part of our government and not granted any delegated power, role, or responsibility by us.

Any organization hiring or acquiring such an Agency is 100% individually and commercially-- and that means criminally-- liable for its lawful functioning. No corporate veil will apply in the event that we find these organizations engaged in criminal activities on our shores.

Any actual foreign government caught dabbling in this dirty pool of false claims and misrepresented powers will be charged ten times the damages and bounties will be posted on their operatives.

Any corporation caught trying to exploit the identities of foreign Federal Agencies for covert action against our country or government at any level will be liquidated with prejudice and its officers and employees will be charged with Inland Piracy and other international crimes appropriate to the circumstance.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652