Sigh huh, I realize-observe & acknowledge that & with literally LOOK AROUND U, everything that U see, I mean EVERYTHING, has come from dying non human innocent Earth (itself) via-ie: everything's resource's in which 2 make it, THAT which is all around U, & STILL 2 date U ALL connected USA-global (capable though excluding the disabled & Jesus's Little Heaven supported innocent 1's ie: babies-kid's-children-teen's) adult's as a whole NECLEUS species-humanity treat EARTH like some 2 bit whore, deeming it's suppose 2 serve U without any SELF care taking of (Earth)? WRONG! Even when U in the shower alone or in the mirror alone, even U R from Earth. those behind doing the Chemtrails in the skies globally, Earth TRIES 2 heal, THEY deem, The heck U will (heal), DIE ALREADY!