Strontium, Barium, Aluminum Oxide
By Anna Von Reitz

The Holy See and the Vatican have been spraying these poisons on the Earth since at least 1969.

These materials are Heavy Metals and Metal Oxides.

They are all poisonous.

They are all incendiary.

They are all carcinogens.

They are all industrial by-products.

They are commonly found waste-products of Fly Ash, the final end product of coal combustion, so every coal-fired plant left on Earth has an abundance of this detritus and in a sane world, the plant owners would have to pay to safely dispose of these wastes.

However, we don't live in a sane world.

We live in a world where the secular administrators of the Roman Catholic Church palm this industrial waste off on politicians as a product that will: (1) reduce the population and (2) increase revenues and (3) provide a handy substrate for a new class of scalar weapons -- Directed Energy Weapons.

Do you hear the pinball machine in the background as the little steel ball hits, hits, hits and the score counter goes off the grid?

With one move, they: (1) offload nasty industrial by-products at a profit, (2) increase profits from the 'Health Sector Industries" and (3) guarantee a better than 1000% increase in "efficacy" of Directed Energy Weapons. Score! Score! Score!

"He's a pinball wizard; there has to be a twist.
A pinball wizard's got such a supple wrist....'

Of course, Elton John had to reprise the Who.... the WHO.

It's 1969. I can only imagine the Feckless Wonders dancing around. They release the chemtrails. And twenty years later, 1989, they release a Commemorative Coin, which the Faithful buy without understanding what it commemorates.

1999, 2009, 2019..... oh, boy, it's been fifty (50) years of chemtrails laying down layer after layer of poisonous heavy metals and incendiary metal oxides on every garden and dockside.

It's time to test the results!

Let's burn down Paradise, California. And because that wasn't proof enough, let's burn down that sex pit of iniquity, Lahaina, Hawaii.

Sodom and Gomorrah ain't got nothin' on us.

We'll just go in and buy up prime beachfront for pennies. Another fifty years and nobody will remember that anything happened.

"It's all relative!" Just ask the Rockefellers.

Ever wonder why all their last names begin with R?

These are the nasty little boys who used to play with their balls and pull the wings off of flies while picking their noses and mindlessly pressing their greasy noses against the windowpane to see the smudges.

You probably weren't paying attention, but when they grew up, they put on dresses. And shaved their legs and waxed their hairy stubs.

They've poisoned the entire planet for profit and fun, and gotten away with it. And as for you, they consider you too dumb to matter.

Imagine what happens when a female of their species walks into the room?

Quite apart from the fact that they haven't seen a female of their kind in such a long time, they are terrified.

Their Queen Bees are known to eat them alive.

Like bon-bons during a sentimental late night binge of Seinfeld.

It's 2023. Nobody on Earth is committed and organized and knowledgeable enough to put an end to them. So they settle down uneasily, a little perturbed.

They wonder about the quality of mustard this year.

They look over their shoulders and pause.

Was that a gust of cold wind that wafted through the hall?

Or an Avenging Angel touching down to Earth?

Stay tuned, for the True God hates a hypocrite as much as he hates Liars.



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