& however-nevertheless why THIS ALL literally only ENDS Coming 1 way & in the eventual final Coming END is ONLY Holy Trinity; we ALL SELF deny Warrior rise up (unlike-like past historically Warriors B4 us) or Coming WE ALL R forcibly-NON optionally-NON voluntarily DEAD, GET it?! Like THEM of Power, TOP-down deeming, 'R U on the guest list 2 (literally) EXIST'?! As with exhibited circus show-train wreck SNL (comedy) humor show from Hell. The ideal of politics, misc-etc is only exhibited past-2 date path-avenue, misc bullies (THEM-fill in blanks) have-do use 2 further Devil's job against Holy Trinity & us ALL ALL connected whole exhibited FAILED idea, NECLEUS species-humanity, STOP B-ing COWARDS or DIE ALREADY!