THE European STORM ( Grows)

>I had DROPPED info on Poland early last year and this year again and the MASSIVE internal conflict happening in the government and BEHIND THE SCENES in the military division.

I had stated after the Polish elections of 2023 would lead to corruption and infighting and revolt and would grow much, much more

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki resigned from his role on Monday as the both houses of Poland's parliament convened for the first time since elections were held on October 15

Prime Minister Morawiecki formally resigned, but now has two weeks to try and form a new government. If he fails, former Prime Minister Donald Tusk will then have a shot.

This all happened as Polish citizens protested against the United States and the military industrial complex system that uses Poland as a battleground country and staging wars through their regions. The Polish people have become weary of U.S. ( cia) NATO and the European Union controlling their country and government... and leading their country to war that have the people scared that could lead to world war and full economic collapse in an already harsh economy where inflation in Poland is causing devastation.

NOW_a near civil war could erupt in 2024 as predicted by the Polish military intelligence as The deep state Military, MSM and corrupt Polish leaders push propaganda upon the Poland citizens... And at the same time a huge massive movement of The Great Awakening and military intelligence inside DROPS and white hats leaders give Real information to the people///// Huge unrest is growing and panic is growing inside the Polish military as talks of Treason. COUPS . Government, military corruption is hitting the WIRES<
THE European Union STORM is growing and several countries as Poland, Lithuania Slovakia all want to EXPOSE their own Governments, military corruption connected to the World deep state operations of the CIA. Mi6 DAVOS ROTHSCHILD ECT ETC ECT CABAL
/// White hats WILL> UNITE< the right and the left against the world Elites>> WEF. DAVOS. GATES. CIA. U.S./ EUROPEAN MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX SYSTEM & THE MILITARY CENSORSHIP COMPLEX SYSTEM ( mainstream Media Europe. European government/ lawmakers who control censorship, and control flow of internet information....... The EXPOSURE of controlled propaganda by [ ds] mil. Governments. Connected to big banks and world elites and groups WILL BE EXPOSED