Huh & nevertheless, SURE, I COULD just (?), deem even 2 my SELF, LAUGH at these fools (fill in blanks, USA-globally, TOP-down ie: Deep State, vast etc) but naw, why even waste my own God given emotion of laughter when truly, NOTHING'S past-2 date been NOR is funny, END Coming & NOT cuz of God calling it, it's humanity itself ie: literal SELF CEASING, GET it?! WE CLEAR?! SO REALLY then, 2 SELF feel MORE like (?) though am a temporary dust-ash human corpse NObody & just temporarily passing thru = I'm temporary touched here 4 a Time 2 do a given Holy job & carry out Orders ie: output of Holy intel-info. Huh whatever, tick freaking tock daily, ugh.