& via Luke 9:24 = NONE SELF own NOTHING, NOT temporary human breath NOR eternal Soul as with NO SELF preservation, about the ONLY thing U 2 date's so called 'MORE of' (than THEM, fill in blank's) USA-global (NON disabled capable adult of majority 8 billion plus) R-do, MAY B, control is whether U want 2 SELF go 2 the morgue NOW or later via deemed by-from THEM (fill in blank's) though those out there like William Henry 'Bill' Gates 3rd deeming NEED 4-2 non voluntary-non optionally-forcibly bring-reduce (above) down 2 just merely 500 total may B, "EH" aside from other's like him deeming that Coming, (God given) Free Will & (USA's Founding Fathers) Free Speech is OVER = SLOW & STEADY NON voluntary, NON optional & enforceable past-2 date sanitizing, annihilation, genocidal, bloodbath, massacre, eradicating, extermination by 2025 "EH"!