What's ANY 1 think it's past-2 date been = It's SLOW & STEADY NON voluntary, NON optional & enforceable GENOCIDE = It's gonna be literal, incomprehensible CAN DO focused priorities, misc CRYSTAL CLEAR, meticulous (showing great attention to detail; very careful & precise) & keen, Russian roulette, ALL out across the USA - global board murder - suicide, purging weed's of a garden (being dying non human innocent Earth), sanitizing, annihilation, genocidal, bloodbath, massacre, eradicating, extermination by 2025 & not even the word nightmare nor Crime's against humanity can scratch the surface. & USA government had hand in 9/11/2001 JUST A TEST 2 see how the public civilian masses would react, dead 13 soldiers in Afghanistan (2021), like DARPA-HARPA agencies had hand in (Covid, misc) vaccines like history, worse Coming!