8️⃣ First Time filled with the Holy Ghost 🔥 LASTNIGHT while at the UPCI Wisconsin District JBQ Holy Ghost Rally in GREEN BAY! 🧀

Hosting: Church Pastor & Sis Endris, CM Dir Rev Chris Janson, CM Sec Rev Patrick Kari Kloehn's & JBQ Dir Rev & Sis Larabell ... #GoodTiMES 💯

We all had an absolute blast! And what joyfulness by so many present! Jesus smiles on the teams and participants at this year's event! 🙌

AND... my friend, Peyton wore the Goofy Gums bow-tie 👔 and we both shared in wearing the same Goofy Gums S-O-C-K-S ! 🧦 BAAM! ✊️
#Evangelist #KidsEvangelist #GoofyGums 💥
#MultiPurposeMinistry #LetsGoTogether #IJN 👊