Keep on Keeping on! 👈 What you do is far greater & more happily looked upon by Christ than the temporal thought processes of the mindlessly driven aim of this world! The Kingdom needs you to stay purposed on the higher plane! #AMEN
#Philippians3v14 #Romans12v1n2 #Jesus 👑


2️⃣ first time filled with the Holy Ghost 🔥 tonight with Pastor & Sis Jeremy Cornett while in Bridgeton, NEW JERSEY! 💯

What a real treat being at the daughters (Tenisha Ashley) church and having them precious grand-Kiddos in service together! 👀

Mari got a great vid 📹 of Nevaeh playing guitar with the music team! #GoodTiMES ❤️
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#GumsRoadTrip2023 #NJsooManyBlessings 👈


1️⃣7️⃣ FIRST Time Filled Sun. w/the HG 🔥 in the NORTH Jersey area! 💯

2️⃣ First Time Filled w/the HG Sat. 🔥 in Prospect Park, NEW JERSEY for the North Central Jersey District Back To School Event! 💯

2️⃣0️⃣ first time filled w/HG 🔥 & Fri. @ Tabernacle De JesusChristo while with Pastor/Sis Ibarra in the Bronx, NEW YORK! 💯

1️⃣ First Time Filled w/HG 🔥 & many renewed again while at VBS this week with The Sarmientos in Prospect Park, NEW JERSEY! 💯

#Evangelist #KidsEvangelist #GoofyGums 💥


2️⃣2️⃣0️⃣6️⃣ filled with the Holy Ghost 🔥 1️⃣7️⃣7️⃣ of them were the children!!! 👪 AND even, a lady who was paralyzed waist down for 3 years ... Marilyn prayed for her and SHE WALKED!!!! Jesus HEALED her!!! In Jesus name! (*See Link in comment section) 👀

All while at the Mexico 🇲🇽 National Convention hosted by Re-Elected Bishop President Steven Drost! & God bless dear Sis Drost!

We honor the memory of Thomas Wynn Drost and all the ministry seeds & deep roots of ministry planted throughout Mexico. What a mighty man of God paving a way for so many to be blessed! 🇲🇽

An absolute blast to share in the excitement of soul celebration with friends Evangelist Mark Drost & Evie Drost #TeamFUEGO 🔥 ALWAYS a joy being together with end time purpose and calling in the mighty kingdom of Jesus! 👑

And a reoccurring blessing to connect with Daniel & Holley Drost. 👈

It was wonderful working hand in hand with the National Mexico Children’s Director Sis Jennifer Escamilla! She & her team did a wonderful job and the children were blessed indeed! 😇

Blessed indeed to join arms with Bishop & Sis Fauss Pastor Scoggins and others! 💯 Missed seeing Rev Jeff P. Story!

Thank you so much to those who supported us ... Texas CM Director Rev Triplett, friends Pastor Cordle, Solbergs and the Lout, Suky, Victoria Toney, Torres & George Yuhasz Families! AND so many of you with your prayers - THANK YOU! 🙏

Our hearts are bursting with joy at the hand and mighty power of Jesus' blessings! 👈 🎉
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#GumsRoadTrip2023 #IJN #TeamFUEGO 🔥


Marilyn & I enjoy seeing so much ... All children we have ministered to for years - who have grown & GONE ON TO DO some things wonderful for Jesus that they are loving to do! 💯 AND all the more when the ones from the home church do so ... makes our heart leap! 💙⬆️

Here is Zachary Barnes who got the opportunity to open a children's conference in Alabama last weekend! He shared, it was awesome & Jesus moved upon all the kiddos! 👀

Bro Zachary was on my "Kings Krew" Ministry when we were Children's Pastors at Spirit & Truth Worship Center (Spiritandtruth Church)! Started at like age 8 or 9, became one of my leaders who would take over a whole Sunday Kids Church doing so w/Excellence in honoring God! 👈 🎯 🔥 #SoSanctifiedProud #InJesusName 🙌