When are we going to realize that Trump is a fraud! That Trump in 2016 was a Clinton's Conspiracy gone bad, and now he works for the NWO as he announced that he was running for re-election he immediately threw the towel and surrender all the efforts to Decertify the stolen 2020 elections.

This new episode of that he's going to get arrested for paying hush money to silenced Stormy Daniels is a witch hunt. And Trump is part of it as Donald Trump incited his supporters to protest on as he was supposed to get arrested this past Tuesday, and then, it was postponed for yesterday and now it doesn't seem that is not going to happen at all or until further notice.

The plan backfired when Trump supporters did not show up to protest the supposedly arrest. This was all planned by the Communists to infiltrate the Trump's protest and have another January 6 to blame and discredit Trump's supporters. It did not work. There just weren't enough Trump's supporters for the Communists to infiltrate and discredit such protest.