Knights Templar Cesare Borgia Depicted As Jesus Christ By Leonardo Da Vinci
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Pope Alexander VI (the 6th) born Rodrigo De Borgia (Borja) in Spain 1431 was elected head of the Catholic church and ruler of the Papal States from August 11, 1492 until his death in 1503 allegedly carried out by his own son Cesare Borgia poisoning him. In 1490 Pope Alexander VI commissioned Leonardo Da Vinci to paint new renaissance era paintings of Jesus modelled after his son Cesare which surfaced between 1502 and 1503. This was done to create a more “European-looking” image of Jesus as Rodrigo did not like how Jesus was depicted as a true Israelite as in Middle Eastern, darker skin-toned or even black. Cesare Borgia (born 1475) was a military assassin ranked as the Grand Master of the Italian Knights Templars and eventually became Captain General of the Papal Armies.

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