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Introducing Supporting Roles Actor Struan Rodger
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In addition or on the contrary to the Joe Bidan double wearing a high production silicone skinmask he could also plain and simply just be an actor that looks like the real Joe Biden would if he were still alive today. Due to the shocking facial similarities between Joe Biden and Struan Rodger (September 18, 1946) it becomes hard to ignore the possibility that the mainly supporting roles actor from Manchester, England would pass on the opportunity of a lifetime to play POTUS, even as as the most hated clown that Bidan has been made out to be during the White Hat controlled shadow presidency.

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πŸ”"We Are Watching A White Hat Movie: The 2021 USA Inc. Joe Biden Shadow Presidency"
πŸ’Š https://www.humorousmathematics.com/post/we-are-watching-a-white-hat-movie-the-2021-usa-inc-joe-biden-shadow-presidency
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GESARA Connections Map
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